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RazanSidErani  Jan 2015
RazanSidErani Jan 2015
Thankgod for poetry,
For the inner working
Of my brain
Wouldn't know where to go.
© RazanRinaldi
vani vaswani Nov 2019
" If Music was a person "

Dear Music,
If you were a person i would live my whole life with you.
You heal my pain , you make me cry
You make me smile, you make me fly.
I love you so much that if you won't be there i probably might die.
But now as you are with me i'm living my life.

I listen to you when i get up,
I listen to you when i sleep
You're the best thing in this whole world.
Thankgod, its such a relief.

You help me in my hard times, you help me in my bad.
You're precious in my life so don't leave me it's such a pain.
Thankyou for being with me when everybody left,
Be with me like this always, forever till end.
I feel furious.
Raging. Roiling. Boiling.
Tipping over the edge. Serrated edged and spiky. What the **** is this energy ripping through me. On the surface I appear calm, collected; cool as a mother ******* cucumber. It makes me smirk to think that I am hiding the cataclysmic chaos of my unfiltered, unchecked, fragmented,  racing, wreck of a mind. Thankgod for filtering. The sieve that catches the crazy before it can leave my lips.

— The End —