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J Sep 2017
And I swam against the stream;
Swept by currents and hit rocks,
But I swam against the stream.
Take pride in your struggle.
Cecelia Francis Sep 2016
"Regular Sized Rudy?
Why do they call you that?"
"Just look at me."

Yes, look at me. Are
the laces of my corset
tied tight enough?

Do I deserve lust
if ******* show
in this underbust?

Is my masculinity
compliant and
where it needs to be?
This is my second Regular Sized Rudy poem lol I think the first is better
(a waltz in  3/4 time)
Cecelia Francis Feb 2016
The scent of lust
begins in a solution of
my spit and your skin
An unconventional haiku
Cecelia Francis Jan 2016
I am, therefore I
think I am: a being
without having
An almost haiku
Olufunke Kolapo Nov 2015
I've seen heaven
Wish it were my haven
When I sought solace here

They numb my mind
They play my mind
The things I saw there
ms reluctance Apr 2015
It is time to wake up
from the languid daydreams
that once I treasured so.

The place that used to be a haven,
an escape from life’s banality,
now feels like a gilded cage.

The mind wanders, untethered,
through sunlit corridors of indolence
pushing to see how far it can go.

Tantalizing me with possibilities,
never reality, this limbo
is only good for the occasional vacation.
NaPoWriMo Day #26
Poetry form: Tercet
Lyra O Jul 2014
Looks like burnout
Tastes like failure
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
My favourite among the three poems I wrote mere minutes ago. It deserves to be my first entry on this site (imagine the quality of the rest of my poems, then!) More to come, I guess.

— The End —