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Naveen Kumar May 15
There was a tadpole
who lived in a tight pool.
He waited to be a frog
before fainting the winter fog.
To hop in hard land of dry sand
where huge trees stand.

What happened when he hop?
For his unluck, against his hope.
He fell under a giant boot,
instead of on a tree root.
I tried a funny and silly poem for the first time. Please let me know how it is in comments below.
Bhill Mar 2019
Do you remember frogs and their ribbit, ribbit sound?
Do you remember them hoping, all around and round?

Do you remember tadpoles, looking slimy and gray?
Do you remember catching them, made a very, very fun day?

Do you remember the first time, your tadpole lost its tail?
His legs were bigger, his tail was gone and he wasn't quite so frail.

Those memories flooded back to me, as I did my morning stroll.
The sound of frogs was ribbitting as if they were on patrol.

It seems like forever, since I had heard that sound.
I had to stop and hold my breath and slowly turn around.

Yep, it is, it really is frogs, that are wishing me good day.
I'm glad I heard, their ribbit sound, and these memories flowed my way.

Brian Hill - 2019#73
Inspired by the welcoming frogs this morning..
I had not heard the sounds of frogs since forever.  It is so cool to be where they can be heard again.
SR Nirmal Kumar Nov 2018
Identical twins
Separated at birth?
Tadpole and a fry in a pond
Donna Jun 2017
Ending page with there
full-stop bodies , they than go
on to write a book
Tadpoles remind me of full-stops (I know tis silly) anyway they than grow into frogs so this is where this one was created from x
Joshua Kirby Oct 2014
The earth is her playground beneath her feet.
Everyone around her sees that she’s sweet
And full of an innocence in her play.
She won’t stop until she’s seized the day!
Life is a fun game for her to beat.

She plays with the tadpoles that she finds neat.
For them, playing with her is such a treat.
They dream of being frogs so that someday
She’ll kiss them and make one her prince.

She traps them in a jar once filled with peat
And takes them to her home so they can meet
Her family where maybe they’ll stay.
But their dream isn’t her dream in any way.
Now it’s fools and liars who softly bleat,
“She’ll kiss them and make one her prince.”

— The End —