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traces of being Nov 2016
Looking out across the many shades of dark on dark
The rolling ashen gray fog opens a window to the dawn
and I feel a loneliness,  arising like the winter sun
             … in the morning

The trees have bared their golden surrender
Breaking silence through the windswept boughs
below,  gathered dewdrops blossom on the last winter rose
             … a chilling epilogue

Beyond the waning hydrangea sundried sepia tones
Latent conflicts of the head and heart stir the hush of memories
imposing heart whispers,  arising like sunlight shadows cast
             … in the morning

There’s no one listening to the wind roar the incoming wintertide
An ascending sadness paints many hues that contrast dark and light
as the Pink Moon,  steals away over lonely mountain headed south
             … in the morning

                                         every picture tells a story ― ☾ wild is the wind
November 2016

"I saw it written and I saw it say
the Pink Moon is on its way
and none of you stand so tall
the Pink Moon gonna get you all"

Pink Moon ― Nick Drake

As I lay there,
With eyes looking up in anticipation...
I waited.
And there it was.
A beauty. Smiling.

But just for a glimpse.
○ Juliet Charlotte G. Jimenez ○
you're looking at the moon tonight
gazing in awe of its beauty,
its brightness and glory
in the midst of the cloudy night sky
in the midst of the darkness above

you looked at it very intently
for you'll never see it in that way
for years and for several decades

you're looking at the moon tonight
in the same way i looked at you everyday
For the moon disappears when the day comes.
And I know that you too will disappear someday.

November 14, 2016
Another great scenario of the Universe
that comes over a hundred years;
  once in a lifetime.
So wonderful and beautiful
delusions gone,reality reveals.
a bright glimpse of moonlight
a hidden beauty.
Its such a good thing,the Universe
can wait for a thousand years.
Rafael Alfonzo Sep 2015
The moon's a dying ember
This evening in late September

A ***** copper coin
Resting on her porcelain ****

A mosaic of Ancient Corinth
As the soldiers passed
In blood-red rags
And orange

(c) Rafael Alfonzo
O Moon, where are you now?

I feel like you left while things were getting so good

Emotions were visiting then passing through

Tears were falling off my cheeks into the cosmic ocean of emptiness

Dreams were appearing as if my heart made them living entities

The night breeze whisked with your radiance danced with the hairs on my legs

My sisters and I absorbed the breath of the galaxy under an open ring in the sky

You hid underneath the holey blankets of silky night clouds

Befuddled by your absence, a confusion arises of how to live in my own light, without your light.
Afrodita Nestor Aug 2014
I love you said the moon
love you as you are
I love you said the earth
love you for who you are

I adore you said the moon
You make my soul dance around
I adore you said the earth
You embrace me when the sun goes down

I want to kiss you said the moon
kiss your mountains, oceans too
I want to kiss you said the earth
kiss you nights kiss you days
want to kiss you in amaze

I heard the moon only now
Heard her cry her avow
I heard earth’s gentle whisper too
Behind a brow, a distant brow

It's forbidden, but it’s worth
Oh I love to see how the moon kisses the earth
Copyright Afrodita Nestor
Nick Oh Jul 2014
They waited, and waited.
Then like a giant lantern,
The Moon inflated.
Casting light so divine
On two hearts, oh so blind

— The End —