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Pranav Hegde Nov 2016
Standing on my balcony
I am gazing at the skies
The stars wink at me
But the bright moon fills my eyes

A mellifluous zephyr
Glides over my face
It brings a distant voice
That whispers you’re in a near by place

I wonder how the murky clouds
Try to shut off the cosmic lights
I want the southern winds to blow
And bring you back to sight

Cuz darling, tonight is the night
You fill my space before it’s late
The moon is the closest tonight
Since nineteen forty eight

-Pranav Hegde
Pranav Hegde Aug 2016
Empty rooms,
Lonely hours;
Lingering for years and thousands more.

Windy days,
Breezy nights;
Carrying your fragrance across the door.

Glimmering eyes,
Unsteady heartbeats;
A sense of nervousness like never before.

Azure moods,
Turquoise hues;
Still it drizzles for the longing of petrichor.

Battles fought,
Love triumphed;
Souls blend to wash out the stench of gore.

Eyes closed,
Violins bowed;
Tender kisses lasting for evermore.

Interlocked fingers,
Moonlight, beach;
Footprints of our love engraved on the shore!
Pranav Hegde Jul 2016
I reminisce, the love;
That was never really my own

The memories of the one
With whom I never roamed

Her arms around my neck,
And the sweet smell of her cologne

Her voice of love that fuels
The desire to be nevermore alone

Her warm breath against my face
That defrosts my heart that’s frozen

That one gentle kiss
To cherish till the day I’ll be gone

Her remembrance in the most adverse of times
Which gives me hopes and feels safe as home

How is it that I miss these things;
The ones that I never have known?
Pranav Hegde Jul 2016
Counting the stars, in the middle of the night
Right by my side, would you be holding me tight?
Mirroring the moon, in your bright black eyes;
It’s just a happy feeling
Being lost in your arms!

When all of the people are scuffling in strifes
Would you be walking, with me all my life?
Clasping my fingers in your soft little palm;
It’s just a happy feeling
Being lost in your arms!

When the wind wafts the dust and it blocks your sight
I shall blow soft air into your eyes, until you feel all right
Would you let me look into them and see the light?
It’s just a happy feeling
Being lost in your eyes

If the time won’t stop and the day starts to break
Would you still be awake, just for my sake?
Would you make me feel that I’m not alone?
No, don’t leave my hand because,
It’s just a happy feeling
Being lost in your arms

The moonshine would seep through your silky hair
You would be shining like a dreamy flair
Would you look at me and whisper my love,
That it’s a happy feeling for you too
Being lost in my love, being lost in my arms?

— The End —