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Eliza Dec 2020
I wear my scars with pride
I have nothing to hide
Life tried to tear me down
Threw me in the ocean to drown
Got some scars on the way
But fought to be here today
Eliza Oct 2020
It is in everything,
Every single being.
Open your eyes and you'll see
Soon you will believe me.
Beauty is found
Not only in sight but also in sound.
It is everywhere
In every breath of air.
Just take a second to see
Soon you will believe me.
Eliza Oct 2020
This isn't just pain,
This will make you go insane.
True heartbreak is deep within the soul,
You forget every life goal.
The pain is indescribable.
You are no longer reliable.
Every part of your being is destroyed
You just become a void.
But this isn't the end.
Open up and tell a close friend.
You are not alone,
Don't forget to reclaim your throne.
Eliza Mar 2020
This year has just been ****

So many deaths and now this stupid virus hit.

I'm ready to ******* quit.

All I can do is sit

Let the **** world orbit.

Can I just forfeit?

So tired of this ****.

This year needs to go burn in a pit

We can all just sit

And watch it

Burn in the pit.
Eliza Mar 2020
This virus is causing panic
Can everyone just take a break
And stop being so manic
For **** sake
There was less panic over the Titanic.
Stay home for a day to take a break
The world is not ending, don't panic.
It's just a virus
Not something satanic
Don't get pissy with my opinion. I know it's deadly but so is the flu and any other illness. The world isn't ending.
Eliza Jan 2020
I know you tried
We weren't very close
But i still loved you.

I know you tried
You couldn't make it
That's okay.

I know you tried
Not sure why I haven't cried
Your note broke my heart

I know you tried
Another year would have hurt
You are happy and can breath now

I know you tried
And I know you will be by my side
The day I graduate

I know you tried
The day I graduate
I will look up and tell you I did it

I know you tried
But you will be by my side
Not in body but in heart and mind
I was never very close to you crazy old man but I still miss you. I know you tried to make it and its okay. I love you grandpa
Eliza Nov 2019
What is this feeling?
What is my mind revealing?
Why am I bleeding?
Where is the darkness leading?
My mind is impeding,
Everyone unheeding.
Are my words that misleading?
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