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Dec 2017
I knew someone one day
and the next they were gone
no one knew where they went
they vanished like snow

snow melts on a warm day
and melts into the earth
my someone's personality
did just so

so now I sit here
wondering where you went
knowing that one day
it'll snow again

hopefully, you'll come back
when the snow falls again
because if snows around
then you're around
and there are no more fears

you make my day much better
distract me from my life
but just now I realized
that my someone is me
that someone is my happy side

so now that I know
that I can be alive
no more depression for me
my suicide will subside

I'll be happy once more
able to see with new eyes
the world in which I live in
will finally come alive.
Stop being depressed and suicidal, wake up, and open your eyes. Because one day you'll see that seeing the world in color is amazing
Rylie Lucas
Written by
Rylie Lucas  16/Non-binary/Hell
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