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Ann Heart Jan 2018
Seeing someone you love die is the most beautiful awful ****** up thing you can ever experience. The chair you sit in is empty. When I find old books that make me think of you. Hell, when I drink ginger ale I think of you. You taught me to be brave and to embrace myself and that's something my father never did for me...but you did. The soul who gave me the best hugs ever and the most wisdom. And when it was time to go we said a special goodbye the one you told us when we would leave your home out into the world. Goodbye, Good Luck.
Ann Heart Jan 2018
"Darling my boyfriend will **** me if I dyed my hair pink "
She laughs
Her eyes told me something different  
God forbid she embarrass her partner
Her body was made into a possession
For someone that didn't deserve her beauty
Her smile
Her soul

" Do it for yourself. If it makes you happy, do it"
Become a bubble gum head!
She leaves the store empty-handed
If she only knew how beautiful she looked
As she grabbed that little bottle
Of bubble gum hair dye
To feel like something other than his
And yet she let him decide what was beautiful for her.......
Ann Heart Jan 2018
I’m easy
I’m the body who couldn’t hold her self up unless it was on top of you.
I'm the toy you hide in your sock drawer so no one knows that you use me.
I’m the late-night phone calls
I’m the one you like to see naked

I’m hoping you won't show them to your friends

I’m doubtful you will ever see me again

I’m saying you used me and I didn’t care

I had nothing left…….
Ann Heart Nov 2017
I scream into the cosmos
I wonder how a sky full of jewels could exist in a world so bent on Taking the sparkle out of my eyes
I cry out for reason
I find the subtle silence is all around me
It catches my attention
I stare into the cosmos
The stars tell me to live
Life Gets Better. I will say it hundreds of times and I mean it.
Ann Heart Nov 2017
I used to love this song
That is until we made out
Drunk on the floor
Now I can't listen
To that **** song anymore!
Ah....this is awkward.
Ann Heart Nov 2017
I paint flowers on the windows in the dead of winter
To remind me of the spring
When we kissed in gardens
That we didn't grow
Now the snow fills the edges of the window
I Wish for you to come home
I paint the sunflower
The one you stole
When we kissed in gardens
We didn't grow
My Love This Is For You.
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