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Vianna Feb 2018
Its 4 A.M once again
It seems as though you are my only friend.
My other friends ran away
They became attached to the day.
Vianna Feb 2018
My heart is a broken place
laced with spider webs, from the day
you crawled inside, and decided to play
with all the strings
the day you saw what lies below
the spiderwebs, a broken home
you took out a knife and cut
through each string
my chest still stings.
once the deed was done,
you left my heart,
now a lonely one
at least now I can say
goodbye with a reason
it won't be long
Vianna Jan 2018
Personally, when I write something there's around five thoughts buzzing around in my head- sometimes more. They can be relevant or not.
We're always thinking of something, weather it be song lyrics stuck in your head, or you're thinking of someone, you're always thinking.
It bothers me. Because I have a habit of overthinking, and scaring myself into no sleep. then overthinking again, because of sleep deprivation.
Sleep is an anathema to me, because it can go two ways; I sleep for a good seven hours, and have an okay day, or I sleep for three hours, and feel like death itself in the morning.
I had a thought at the beginning of this and it turned into something completely different lol
Vianna Jan 2018
The choice is yours, stay alive, or die.
You have completely 100% control over yourself, and what do you do with it?
You overlook it.
While walking, you have the choice to walk in front of a moving car.
But You don't.
Because You don't want to hurt the person driving
If you are the person driving
You could swerve into the next lane, and crash- make it look like an accident.
but again, you don't
you don't do it because other people can get hurt.
or maybe you fear what people will think.
"attention seeker" some may think
but that's not the case.
its never the case.
That's why suicide notes are a thing
to answer all of your questions.
Vianna Jan 2018
Please stop faking personality
please stop faking anxiety
Please stop faking self harm
please stop romanticizing
please don't say we aren't trying
this is for the ones who aren't lying.
Vianna Jan 2018
go ahead
cry me a river.
let the tears drip down.
expect forgiveness
for me to confess.
But i'll leave you to drown
in your tears.
Vianna Jan 2018
Trapped behind a wall, calling out
Trying to escape this mess of all my pain.
I'ts closing in on me and I have no air
can't someone bring me from my nightmare.
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