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Rimsha Afreen Feb 2020
Birds drop dead at my feet
I don’t know- if to die myself, or to give them life.

Now I know that heaved wings look like
Grey snows melting into each other

Life vaporizes from the summer sky
As a wounded dove trembles in my lap
rgz Dec 2019
".. - well, we don't really know what's going on down here, Jack, but it's bad, it's so bad, rest assured it's all bad".
and now the weather.
she wove a picture of glory with her hand
each thread showing the colours of nature
to behold its fine attributes was grand
all of the features making for rapture
her vista truly astounding to sight
blue of sky stretching over the terrain
pristine snows covering mountains of height
red soils spanning across the open plain
so splendidly embroidered our globe
with hues of green in the vegetation
floral shades deftly sewn through a robe
the wondrous exhibit of prime creation  
our planet possesses remarkable tints
she is an asset of such divine glints
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
لايمكن للثلج ان يكون الا بلون ابيض ناصع                                                             ­                  و كقلب ابيض ناصع ...                                                              ­                                       يسقط الثلج الابيض                                                           ­                                                فيثلج صدورنا بجماله ...                                                              ­                                      احيانا يسقط الثلج الابيض                                                           ­                                         في الصيف                                                            ­                                                         ليزيد دفء                                                              ­                                                        المكان و الزمان ...                                                              ­                                              و لا يتوقف الثلج عن السقوط                                                           ­                                     فوق الجبال العالية ...                                                              ­                                               _____________________­

— The End —