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she wove a picture of glory with her hand
each thread showing the colours of nature
to behold its fine attributes was grand
all of the features making for rapture
her vista truly astounding to sight
blue of sky stretching over the terrain
pristine snows covering mountains of height
red soils spanning across the open plain
so splendidly embroidered our globe
with hues of green in the vegetation
floral shades deftly sewn through a robe
the wondrous exhibit of prime creation  
our planet possesses remarkable tints
she is an asset of such divine glints
Brian Tafanji Jan 2018
it's a pillow for me to rest on when I place my head on it.
it's my comfort for my anxiety when I stroke and pet it.
it's a warm ocean i swim in for fun and never bores me.
it's my distraction from the evils of the world when i stare at it.
it's my reminder that you're stunning no matter how hard you don't believe so.
it's a stimulation for my senses when I smell the luscious locks.
so brown, so course, so soft, like the mane of a horse.
it's just one of the minimal out of one hundred other monumental things.
I Love About You.
the hair of someone you love, can be so much more, than just hair of the person you love. because that person is more than just a person, so same principle goes for everything about them.
George Krokos Jan 2018


Written in 2017.  About the indescribable nature of God or the Eternal Divine Spirit and Almighty Being
Mystic904 Oct 2017
They were warriors!
They were conquerers!

Their innocence was their power
Faith in the unseen was their tower
They were stiff and brave
Facing those dangers grave
Fierce, bold, 60 in strength
Through the arab's length
Against 60 000, wasn't fair competition
Victory, Almighty's will is final decision

Nothing but death could undo them
Mountains would shiver before them
Loud majestic slogans filled with sheer belief
Their cruel battle wounds would bear relief

Extreme loyalty to the mercy of the world
The firm faith had their paths all pearled
All merciful and kind
Brotherhood had them bind

Closest of all to their master
Clenched tightly to the rope
Revived the prestigious chatter
Struck the hearts, rays of hope

Courageous, brave and bold
One enough to stun the enemy lines
Today, sword's in Umer's hold
Leave them drying, bottles of wines

When became, came with eyes the shame
Free heartedly gave away dinars in tons
For aware were they of secrets of the game
Amazed others with their attributes and stunts

Father of quotes, vast oceans of knowledge
Came to personal revenge, fell the spear
Spent sweat n blood for Truth's
Dark halls crippled, when slogans they'd hear
Spreaded love, devotion, examples of loyalty
No one is superior, turned to ashes royalty
Left others impressed by their decorum
Transformed the world for good in totality

_F.A Teeri
I sit back on the computer,
Browsing through the pages of those I grew up with
Those people who thought they knew everything about me
I sit back and see what they’ve made of themselves

This girl is single, living alone with her four cats
This other girl now has two kids, unmarried and no degree
This girl is engaged to her high school sweetheart, yet they don’t look happy
This other couple broke up, wait they’re back together, nope spoke too soon
This guy is working at the local supermarket, never went to college after his arrest
This guy gained a few pounds, no longer the star athlete
This guy dropped off the map

See being the quiet girl, I learned secrets
I knew the deepest secrets of every single one of these people
Because while they sat in the back of the room chattering on about their so called problems
I was sitting in the front,


This girl had two boyfriends, and even more flings
This girl slept with four guys in one night
This girl’s boyfriend cheated on her, over and over again
This couple would sneak off in between classes, during lunch, or school assemblies
This guy was the trophy child, who gave away free drugs to his friends hidden inside pens
This guy was the quarterback; everything handed to him on a golden platter
This guy was the school stud who was hiding a relationship with his boyfriend by sleeping with every girl he could

Back then I listened because I wanted to feel apart of something bigger
I wanted to be one of them,
I wanted to be invited to all those weekend bashes
I wanted to be the girl people felt awed by, inspired by, idolized
I wanted to be part of the “in” crowd

So I stood there, day after day
As they teased me
Berated me
Shattered my confidence
Tearing apart everything I was
Telling me I would never amount to anything
Telling me I was fat, ugly, stupid
That I unworthy of love
Telling me…




Let them tell me that today
I see everything of what they have become
Those people I wanted to be are no longer there
Their confidence shattered by reality

The best days of their life ended the day they left high school

Mine on the other hand are just beginning
I am the girl who is wanted
I’m the girl who can go wild
I’m the girl who can be passionate
I’m the girl who is adventurous
I’m the girl who brings pride
I’m the girl who is the athlete
I'm the girl who travels the world
I’m the girl who is unashamed of who I am

Because by pushing me out
My oppressors gave me everything I needed
The strength to try
The courage to dream
The ability to think
The confidence to be unique
Independence to thrive
But more than anything
My oppressors gave me desire

Desire to be more than they believed I could be
Nicole Nov 2014
Your eyes ,
               the look .

Your voice ,
               the words .

Your lips ,
               the silhouette .

Your smile ,
               the light .

Your body ,
               the strength .

You ,
               the perfection .

Your love ,  
               the perdition .
Colette May 2014
I got mad,
made suicidal tweets on twitter,
then I get a notification.

You, a friend who I haven't talk to for a long time,
direct messaged me,
and ask me if I was alright.

I felt happy in that moment,
that someone cared.
And that someone was you.

You called me after,
assured that I do not harm myself.
We talked for an hour and i never felt so happy.

Thank you,
for calling me,
Thank you for listening.

If you hadn't,
I would have scars and,
My demon would have been dancing in happiness tonight.
A special poem to a old guy friend who I haven't been in contact for a long time. Thank you for saving me tonight.

— The End —