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Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2018
Watched you with a hopeful gaze
I can't believe what I saw
You are too cowardly to resist my choice
Lack of effort leaves me lost in awe

Want to run just far enough
To exit your sight so you would follow
Fear of you not missing me stops my soles
Standing still, stare so hollow

What do you see when you look closely at me?
Can you feel love and admiration retire?
This desire gives the wide world meaning
Sets my obsession on fire

I am sorry, I have to go
Given you far too much slack
This time if you finally chase after
I swear my love, I am not coming back
I swear this time I mean it
Juverine Wan Feb 2018
Busy days
Long hours,
Closing eyelids,
On the buses.

Drooping eyes,
Sore knees,
Cranky voices,
Like a breeze.

Hard day,
Aching back,
Groans and moans,
Tried to slack.

Need a rest,
Need some time,
Need a home,
Need a more rhymes.
Idk guys just trying to go with the flow here HA. Ha. ha.
LJ Jun 2016
All those words on the stream
scream with sudden regrets
All that exceptional concepts
signals of troubles and blackness
All you did was say empty words
a void of doom and slackness
All of me was like a dried tap
running on the barren desert
All of your heart was a trap
storming distraction in laps
All you did was dig me a grave
burying me from my dreams
All you sung was dark melodies
lost in your gilded sinking cage
All you did was leave a tatoo
one indeed unpleasant and plain
All you did was leave a rumble
tumbles of trembling stacks
All the love that was wasted
stabbed me a thousand times
All the promised I dared to make
rolled in a dungeon of monsters
All the time and memories wasted
may be it was the fainted lust
All I did was hide in the bushes
so you cant touch my rust
All I did was die and fade
still you watched me from afar
Rockie Apr 2015
Stop treating me like I'm two
Because guess what
I'm not

Stop treating me like I'm thirty
Because guess what
I'm not

Stop treating me like I'm ignorant
Because guess what
I'm not

Stop treating me like I'm you
Because guess what
I'm not

Stop treating me like that
And start treating me
Like I'm

Not two, not thirty,

I know what you're talking about,
So please,
Cut me some slack.

I'm me.
Get over it all ready.

— The End —