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Robert Oct 2019
you asked me if I would change
anything at all about your face

the answer of course is yes

I would move it closer to mine
Robert Aug 2019
I wanted to write a poem today
but all I can think of is you
Robert Jun 2019
a knight in shining armor
visited me today
he said
**** I'm taking yo girl
Sorry, I'm drunk.
Robert Mar 2019
Usually I end my days
Looking at photos of you
So my brain knows
What to dream about
Robert Jan 2019
haven't seen you in years
why does my mind
keep turning to you
if I'm not even
in love anymore
Robert Jan 2019
like parallel lines
                                        we'll never meet
Robert Dec 2018
how I wish I had
photographic memory
just so I could
see you again
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