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Nathan Cross Dec 2014
A vast ocean swirls around,
Seagulls surround the shores.
There's plenty more,
Left unexplored,
But people are all around.
A nervous shuffle echoes,
With every step they make.
Lost in my mind, all the time,
Watching the scene displayed.
The only thing that's missing,
Are their voices and what they say,
It's nothing but that echo,
It's been rattling my brain.

I just clicked the "shuffle" button on the main page, for the first time,
Did y'all know that was there?
Honestly,  it saddened me because all the poems I read only had, on average, about two or three likes and most of them were absolutely amazing!
So, I went to these unknown poets pages and got even sadder, hardly any followers either!  
It's a shame that with all the readers,  poets and writers alike that any poet would go unnoticed.

This is my challenge for you...  It's not to write any poems...
Click the shuffle button! Read the poems, like them, share them, add them,  everything!  

Help the new and upcoming poets get the recognition and feedback they deserve for their writing!  

1. Click shuffle
2. Read Poems
3. Like and Comment
4. Repeat Ten Times
This is dedicated to CourageWhispers, the first "unknown poet" I found using shuffle, she's amazing,  please go to and read her poems.
This is also for all the poets on here that get discouraged by their lack of reads and likes, stay optimistic, you'll be discovered soon.
Patrick Conroy Sep 2014
It's the first day of summer heat.
Temperature is one hundred and four.
The junkies and drunks hit the street,
shufflin' towards death's door.

Freon raindrops fall from air conditioners
that hang from windows on the third floor.
I think "this day couldn't be finer",
as I shuffle towards death's door.

Bicycle tires roll over broken glass
from the shattered window of a store.
The prostitutes all congregate beneath the overpass,
as they shuffle towards death's door.

**** smoke fills the air
as I finish off beer number four.
A chance to put my mind elsewhere,
as I shuffle towards death's door.
I watch my mother
Watch the colorful static buzz
Out of my television Set.
It was a show about dancing and synchronized steps
Bending bones
And malleable movements.
The screen was painted
With graceful bodies
And it echoed of
hip hop music
And I watch my mother
Scratch her head cause
She could never really get her
hips to hop
And she didn't know how that was different from
the pop
and the lock
and the shuffle
and the dougie
And I heard her murmur under her breath
"This is my biggest frustration"

I guessed that's what people say
When they just can't get something Right.
The feeling
The longing
The want is in them,
But their body
Still tells them to trip over their
Two left feet
When they watch
The way I watch my mother
Want to be a dancer

And I watch my mother
shake it off
and smile
and change the channel
And it is the saddest thing in the universe to me
That she could just forget
that one thing
she so desperately wanted to be.

Are my biggest frustration.
That no matter how hard I seem to try
I just couldn't get you right.
I swear, staring at you
Makes my eyelashes
Flutter a hip hop beat like no other
But you just can't dance
To music you can't hear
And you can't see
This amazing
I have mapped out for us in my head
I know you're great at that.
You can
Shuffle and dougie
as far away as possible from me.
But just like my mother who couldn't get her hips to hop,
I couldn't get you lips
To talk about
Anything that wasn't her
And I know your mouth can speak
But why are you so at loss for words
When the lyrics come
Are my syllables not worth your breath,
Is my rhythm not worth your
I promise you I try to catch up
But I trip over my two left feet
When I see your eyes glisten
When you watch her
The way my mother watches the dancers and I know you wanna be with her

So you finally hear my music
Or so I am convinced that you do.

And you shuffle
And take each graceful step
To the beat of
The wrong heart

But I just can't change the channel.
I can't smile and shake it off
Because I have to wait and see
If there'll ever be a time
You'd dance to me.
I hope to perform this one day.
Arturo Hernandez Jul 2014
Help me breath again
And make my heart swing.

I want you to be
The one to shuffle with me,
Be the rock I lean on,

And let your shoulders meet mine.
I'll eventually snap into pieces
When I'm no longer holding back -
I need you to come back to me.

I held you in my arms when you left me,
And heard utter an "I love you,"
Before you closed your eyes.
D'BEST May 2014
Here's my story--it's sad, but true:
I've got nothing on my mind.
The sky isn't blue and the ocean's not grand.
I thought I'd be a hero.
If you've ever wondered why, Disney tales all end in lies.

I've been spending money like a king, but I'm not a king.
There's a darkness upon me that's flooded in light.
I've got these habits that I cannot break.
Wouldn't it be nice if we were older?

I think that, possibly, maybe, I'm falling for you.
I don't know, but I think maybe.
I'm going to be a mighty king.
When the night has come,
I'm not surprised--not everything lasts.

All the ghosts of the grandmothers have been haunting me in my living room.
Did you see the sky?
You say hello, and I say hello back.
You may tire of me.

In the light of the sun,
I never loved nobody fully.
Where have all the good men gone?
After all is said and done, I feel the same.
You know, this may turn into the longest day of my life.

Once upon a time, not so long ago,
Three little birds sat on my window.
"Hey, ain't life wonderful?"
When I see you, I really see you upside down.
Today, I'm going to write a sad song.

Follow me and everything is all right.
I just want to be okay, be okay, be okay.
I hold on so nervously.
I want to ask you, do you ever sit and wonder,
Why do birds suddenly appear every time you'e near?
I sense there's something in the wind that feels like tragedy's at hand.
It's pretty odd, I know. What I did was put my iPod on shuffle to write this. Each line is the first line of each song that came on. There are more to come.

— The End —