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Hayley McInnes Mar 2020
The sister of love is kindness
They follow such similar threads
As hollow, i swim in their clefts

The brother of truth is exposure
He burdens my every word
Unturning; I hide from the world

The sisters I love them both dearly
The brothers I fear them as much
Perhaps one day I will see them
Eye to eye
As one and the same
As the sisters are not

The sister of love is kindness
But kindness will grant me no love
For all its value I chance not
Let it be
And I will remain
As you so often forgot
Hayley McInnes Mar 2020
I am partial to a shifting psyche
I am hard to find when I give up my act
I find the long way back

I am a lighthouse when the wind blows south
I am open mouth when I go off the track
here’s to the long way back

Parallels with my insides
Luminol on my black tie
Lucid all til the white lie
I’ll buy anything you say

Archivist of the meeting
Red of wrist and of feeling
I exist just to see it
Seems to be all that I crave
Hayley McInnes Mar 2020
I've grown accustomed to this light
Now, in the distance, a breaking of bread
I've known my place in this line
But still I wander out of turn

I fade into the grey surroundings
The shadow of my presence leaves the scene
I'll stay outside by the streetlight
There is nothing in there for me

— The End —