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Peter B May 2018
They claim they know everything,
but so far they haven't explained a thing.
They only make it complicated.
women all over the world
have striven in solidarity*
for better pay and conditions
at our work places

women all over the world
being the driving engines
as scientists, doctors, teachers, etc
bringing their professional skills
to our communities

women all over the world
showing creativity in the fields
of literature, painting and design
their flair can be seen
in our cultural paradigms

women all over the world
your aunty
your sister
your friend
who are talented ladies
in whatever they turn
their hands to

woman all over the world
bearing the next generation of children
ensuring their endowments
*continue on this our planet
NB: A homage to all women, on International Women's Day.
My life is a horror movie with some comedy throw in
My mood Is a classic black and white film, so simple in the times
Coming out long before my rhymes
Even with these dying times.
I got some life to give
I have some to inspire
Tell what you aspire
Towards- I really want to know
All the guys want her but challenge each other with nose goes
But im a hopeful romantic
I think I got the fresh vibes
To keep her heart sane at night
Not an emotional fight
When she's crying on her pillow
Wifes with a willow
Girls who cry on the pillows
Same effect
I have many defects
So baby take light on me
I'm a little crazy
But Im no monster
I'll be your mad scientist, baby
If you be my vintage Terri Garr
I will bless the stars
Mrinal Wahal Nov 2014
Two Scientists.
One, a believer in Him.
The Other, an atheist.
Same Person, different times.
All it took was a failed
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2014
I spoke to my soul about love
She said, do not question it
Do not ignore it.
I resorted to my heart,
Guess what happened.
It skipped a beat
And I was reborn.
I asked scientists and doctors
And people who knew drugs
They said, it's all chemicals
I shouldn't bother myself with
They said I'm too strong
To let it ruin me.
But when you and I
Got under your blankets
And I told you I loved you
You said nothing.


— The End —