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Mrinal Wahal Nov 2014
"Let's go Surfing", said the Father,
on a calm Summer Sunday.

The Son turned on *Wi-fi.
Mrinal Wahal Nov 2014
Everytime, she met a new guy,
she kept a broken glass in her fist.

Conditioned her to the pain
that was to follow.

This time, she made a **Mistake.
Mrinal Wahal Nov 2014
A Muslim sat beside me, I stiffened.
A 12-hour journey later,
a Human was asleep on my shoulder.
Mrinal Wahal Nov 2014
He's the Ugly boy, the wretched child,
the Cursed Son, family's shame.

I wonder, how did an extra
chromosome earn him all that ?
Mrinal Wahal Nov 2014
He Once shared his body with Someone.

She once shared her Heart.

The old couple still argues over
which had been the bigger
Mrinal Wahal Nov 2014
Two Scientists.
One, a believer in Him.
The Other, an atheist.
Same Person, different times.
All it took was a failed

— The End —