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Randi G Dec 2014
i want you to rip off my skin
and lay waste to my sin
pick of my insecurities
peel back my sorrows
peek inside my secrets
and maybe then
i’ll let you in

Randi G Dec 2014
when i look into your eyes,
i can see the big bang.
i can see stars being born
and the world’s first sounds
fill my ears
supernovas reflect from your
eyes and black holes
pull me into your arms
there is no escape from my
feelings for you

Randi G Dec 2014
the last i heard of you
you weren’t even trying
to get sober.
last you heard of me
i’m in college now
pursuing my career.
i still contemplate
your empty promises,
but now i scoff.
how could i have been
so blind?
you’ll never change for me
and you’ll never change
even for yourself.
as your body breaks
mine grows a new form -
one that no longer requires you.
i used to cry, thinking i missed
out on true love
and now i lay in the arms of
someone who loves me more
while you lay in a box.
i’ve broken out
and you’ve been nailed in

Randi G Dec 2014
she looks in the mirror and
she disgusts herself
she digs her own grave
and she puts herself out
she puts up a story and
paints her own mask
she sits and wonders how
she got so off track
she was on her way
all the way to the top
now she can’t do anything
but beg herself to stop
she sits all alone
in a room she painted black
she cried for independence
but she’s always brought back
she can’t be on her own
and she can’t be by herself
she sits on her knees
and contemplates hell
we all make our own
and she creates the worst
because she sits on her own
and pushes it down her own throat

Randi G Dec 2014
i keep seeing hawks
or maybe it’s really you
swooping down to tell me what’s new
maybe they’re buzzards
and they can tell how i feel
lost without you,
a useless spinning wheel
maybe they’re birds but
maybe they’re planes
and i’m looking for meaning in nothing
in this digital age

Randi G Dec 2014
but my veins ******* burn
because it isn’t blood running through them,

it’s you

Randi G Dec 2014
i know you were so happy
to feel my bare insides
i hope it brought you closer
but i was like the tide
i never felt connected
i cried because it hurt
but you teared up because
you felt just like your
heart would burst
i wish i felt the
way you did but sometimes
i’m glad i don’t
because we made love
like the moon and the sun
on totally opposite poles

Randi G Dec 2014
i never saw you shed
a single salty tear.
id weep at the thought of loss
but even as it threatened
you were stone.
i hope that you are crying
so i know that it was real
the only thing i want to see
is see you ******* feel.

Randi G Dec 2014
why are you so sad,
my love,
i’m always here for you
whether it’s dogs that seethe
or babies that teeth
i’m right here next to you.
i’ve walked through a forest
in the middle of the night
because i was going
to fight your fright.
but you got scared,
you ran away.
there was nothing i could say.
you left long ago,
a husk left with me,
i was left among the trees.


— The End —