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abecedarian Jan 2015
Masters of the Universe,
tender me thy resignation,
if but for
a day,
a millennia,
no matter how measured,
any being,
you, purported supreme
or otherwise,
are tired in ways
hard to comprehend

tender me
thy responsibilities and dilemmas,
have studied your resignations,
solutions that provide no resolution...

I can do better.


not obligated by parenthood,
rules of randomness superimposed,
all I got is human kindness
the eyesight that
colors kindness,
tolerates no injustice,
milky white light,
no longer recognize

"there for the grace of God
go you and I"

have no name,
but if you need one for me,
call me
annh Apr 2019
Doubt is hope which has worn the colours of disappointment once too often. Whereas, resignation wears the same colours and decides they suit very well.
‘If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.’
- Henri David Thoreau
Saint Audrey Feb 2019
Reveling in
Simple things
Loved before they're gone

Playing down
For the moment
We should let it go

Aware of
All the things
Thing's I can't control

In finding
Of another
Brighter type of dawn

Out here
Past the point
Never quite alone

In bitter sweet
Little moments
In the undertow

Aware of
All the things
Thing's I can't control

In finding
Of another
Brighter type of dawn
Fe' Feb 2019
I've been staying alone
In that old brown house
For almost three weeks
Looking out through
the halls in the shutter
Hiding from the sunlinght
Tired of trying to wake
The whole world
Maybe it was wrong
Maybe it was better
If I fell asleep
Even if I can't
The girl in the mirror
No more

But let's take the blankets
And slip into bed
Maybe somebody else
Will try to wake me
And I'll be ready to show
My morning eyes
Alastair Fenn Feb 2019
out of the window
heat merged in white
and there’s nothing I want
the world to supply
or take from me now
I’ve opened my eyes

     she locks the door
     and knows the way she’s moving
     and we both know this is all
     that’s keeping us from leaving
     as we go down to the floor

           (now I see, as it gets dark
            and she’s away, I’m in the room,
            there’s nothing here of what was then
            except these facts I’ve placed in lines
            and keeping hold of what we’ve had; and her return
            and only that)

there’s nothing that I care for
but resumption of these feelings
and will throw the things I promised
far from any stretch of reason

and let them be discovered
by whoever wants to see them
and broke open
as I listen to her breathing
A late teenage poem from a long time ago now.
Edward Jan 2019
A red flower,
Once pretty,
Lying down,
Petals torn,
Stem broken
Lynnia Oct 2018
all storms start with a drop
all clouds grow from one wisp
here’s the beginning, wait ‘till it stops
and then you’ll see just what you missed

it’s a small step from one stage to the next
and then where you are is where you’ll die
just when you think they passed the test
you find out it was all some lie

once upon a time, we saw the sun
thought that we were born anew
came in two and left in one
but even angels fall down too

so i sit in desperation
try to let my mind amend
seething in my resignation
to the beginning of the end.
Scorpius Jul 2018
“I’m done”
She whispers,
Her resignation
Through my ears,
Filling my skull,
Feeding the
My worth,
Me safe,
Who remembers
The moments
That stripped
My worth
To bone,
And longs
For me
To be
And I knead
And pinch
And rub
My sins
Made flesh.
And try to
What it looks like
To care.
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