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Elymaïs Apr 17
Skryf poësie in die sand
Dis altyd soeter deur jou hand
Sien *** die letters smelt as die gety inkom
Dis nou te laat om weer huis toe te kom
Kom ons hardloop in die nag
Wilde harte is op jag
Vasgedruk hier in mekaar se arms
Lê ons veilig, bly en warm

Ek wil jou vra, kan ek soen jou op die bek
Soos ons gedoen het toe ons nog verliefdes was
Om vriende aan die einde van dit als te bly
Was wat ons wou, maar dit gee geen vrede nie
Elymaïs Apr 17
Was ist das Kämpfen?
Und wie kämpft man immer weiter,
Wenn man schon so müde ist?
Meistens bin ich mit dem Leben
Fast zu Tode gelangweilt;
Jeden Tag muss ich das wieder?
Aufstehen? Arbeiten? So tun als ob
Alles schön und fein ist?
Und warum? Wofür? Weshalb?
Auf welchem gottverdammten Grund?
Damit die Menschen die mich tot sehen wollen
sich bereichern können?

Was ist das Kämpfen?
Und wie kämpft man immer weiter,
In einer Welt die Betrug und Schwindel
Belohnt, und die Profit aus das Leiden
Der Ehrlichen ohne Zögern schlägt?
Mir *******das blöd; ich fühl mich öd.
Elymaïs Mar 2022
A box fell from the shelf
Before my very eyes,
Spilling contents as it went,
To the place that it now lies.

I don't understand why
Certain things are beautiful.
But I watched it as it made
Its descent and I felt very
Elymaïs Nov 2021
On the seventh day he rested, but
Before he did, he selected a little
Piece called "Benton", and there's
Where he put heaven.
Elymaïs Jun 2021
Buzzing blue beetle
Tumbling clumsily
Over my head;
Striking my chest and
Falling into my lap,
Apparently unbothered.
How did you get in?
It doesn't matter.
I'll place you outside.
You open your wings
And spring off into the air.
Elymaïs Mar 2021
Amber Tea
Filling My Cup
What A Beautiful
What A Beautiful
What A Beautiful
Filling My Cup
With Amber
Elymaïs Feb 2021
I remember the first time
I tried to take my own life.
I was about or nine years old.

I'd forgotten a project in
mister McCollough's class,
and he gave me a failing mark.

I was devastated, but
my friends told me they
received failing marks
on occasion.
Even my teachers
assured me that this
would not be the death of me.

I felt better, but when
I told my mother about
it, I was accosted.

I had never heard
her scream in such a way.
She was so angry she
debelted herself where
she stood and began
to whip me with it.

She told me that I
was a failure and
how disgusted she was
that she had such a child.

I was utterly shattered.
I tried to take my own life.
I was eight or nine years old.

I don't think I've really
been functional since that
day. My grades fell and
so did my ability to arti
culate my words so well
and i fell into a deep slu
mber of sorts that got dee
per with each passing year
and suicide attempt and
mental break and my friends
were so patient but ev
en they lost hope on me
after a while and no
thing could be done for me
and it all goes back to
one memory.

Now every time it gets
just about to the breaking
point, I hear my mother's voice
telling me how disgusted she
is that she had such a child.

I was eight or nine years old.
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