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Zywa Jul 2023
Taking a deep breath:

there is space, calm, sometimes joy --

It's the real nectar.
Novel "The Good Apprentice" (1985, Iris Murdoch), chapter 1, part 4

Collection "Unspoken"
Zywa Feb 2021
A Knowing Feeling
stirs in me
when I choose colours
when painting or
strike strings on the zither

Others make inventions
design processes
write the truth or
fantasize it
Is it the Muses

a divine spirit or
is it the flow of time
that pours nectar
into open mouths?
Just open the mouth

like a chakra
and receive it
no longer feel yourself
and enjoy
total peace?
Collection “Lilith's Powers" #11
Zywa Sep 2019
She's holding her hands close
above me, confidently
not on herself

or on me, what it does to me
when I am touched
by love without physical
intimacy, no marriage bond
or familiar friendship
no wound care, no help
in need, but the flow
of the flowing in me
intangible life

There is what is there, I exist
and feel it's the love
I mean when I think
of love, the love to be
open from head to toe
the soft warmth
of hands on my body
that cherishes me, I am
not alone
Collection “Lilith's Powers” # 110
Zywa Jan 2021
A New Year's forecast:

being a fish in water –

in touch with the All!
Universal energy

For Maria Godschalk #103

Collection 'Once more'
Zywa Nov 2020
It does not need
me, no matter what
I do, leave and think

It is
It flows
or gathers

If I surrender
and let It go by Itself
without having to do anything

I become conscious of It
I experience It

soul in the Soul
flow with the Flow
a metamorphic body of It

I breathe and perceive
It, where It
does not flow It will flow
For Maria Godschalk #96

Collection “Metamorphic body"
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
Gems and jewels
Healing they
I never knew
I just saw the sparkle
And pretty colours
Who the hell knew.
Danielle Free Sep 2017
Ever changing
No shape
All Grace.
No name
No features
No face -
Apart from when I need you
and then I'll start to call
You appear amidst my chanting
in all your glorious form.
Maybe you're a Michael;
a Mary or a Zeus,
You might even appear as the Lord Almighty, Jesus.
Just for me
You're a gentle mist of compassion,
Light shimmer,
You're an energy that'll help me transition
from negative
to positive.
I trust.
I believe.
John R Pettigrew Nov 2016
                       John R Pettigrew
                    Owner of JRPTAROT
                 1 BLACKFAULDS DRIVE
                      WEST LOTHIAN

So many people with so many questions
Not realising that each and every experience is just another lesson
You actually think that any answer gave
Will make it any easier in dealing with the pain
This seeking closure will stop you from moving on
Brushing the things coming up as just a feeling
But the simple fact is that it always leaves you reeling
Letting fear and resentment live rent free in your mind
Giving some narcissist continue to emotionally rob you blind
To deal with your past is to begin to let go
Looking within and letting the light within you flow
Stop looking outwith for the answers is key in this lesson
As every experience handled correctly could be todays blessing
When you let the anger in your tolerance will begin to wear thin
No more second guessing,the answers you seek lay within so clear your mind and let the abundant light of love within
When you look within you will gain deeper insight
To shed pride and ego
And bask in the glory of your wondrous light

— The End —