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Sean Hunt Aug 2016
Her body broke the bad news:
‘This month she would not be much use’
For another month on earth
She’d not be able to give birth

She didn’t know why
She would spit in my eye
She didn’t know why
She would suddenly cry
She didn’t know why
She wanted me to die
She didn’t know why
She didn’t know why

Now this was a little hard for me
Because I was able to see
I really could read her mind
There were so many signs

I felt it coming in the air
I knew that life would seem unfair
She would not see, she could not see
The reason for her misery

I had to keep it to myself
And walk around on eggshells
If not, well, well, well
My life would be a living hell

I knew that once a month
We’d play this game again
And once a month
Everything would be the same

When the storm had passed
Her love would be the same
I shouldered no more blame
Sunshine after rain

One day I finally learned
What I need to know
That rainbows come
And rainbows go

Sean Hunt  Aug 2016
I don't know where this poem came from this morning!  I have not had a lady in my life for three years!  Must be 'Flashbacks' :)
Robyn Mar 2016
You (perfect) wrapped me (shivering and ridiculous) up in a blanket (warm).
You (wonderful) sat next to me (falling asleep) and ate the sandwich I bought (pretty good).
You (perfect) are perfect. I (loves you) love you.
char rose Jan 2016
random day of the week.
I wake up,
sleep still in my eye.
  Haven't noticed that I don't feel anything,
just tired.

   Dusk starts to arrive, I feel angry.
No one except my father has made me disappointed,
I cried over past events.
My mood changes again,
I don't know how to describe the frequency.
I constantly ask my mother if she ever felt this way,
she replies that she can no longer remember,
nor had she noticed that she would snap at me.
   Nighttime has arrived, I order pizza.
Attempt to bond with mother over a new
tv show,
    she barely pays attention,
it hurts.
My father ignores me.
I enjoy the silence.
     Noticing this new movie coming soon,
I ask a (friend) to join me,
I'm rejected with excuses of non-violence,
confusion of the plot and (ask a classmate).
I pretend it doesn't hurt,
it upsets me,
but I would be less upset if it wasn't pathetic excuses.
Am I angry because of excuses or rejection?
Am I disappointed because of my father's silence or my mother's two-second attention span?

   I wish I could just bleed already so I could focus on the physical.
melli7 Dec 2015
I The Monthly Scapegoat
I feel like **** and
everyone else is **** too I
better be getting it soon or
else I'll have nothing to blame this
shittiness on

What are you looking at?

II Pain & ****
that hurts
this better not be from that
steak I had last night

III Paranoia
it's not here
but I know it's coming why
isn't it here yet this waiting is making
me crazy checking for stains every five
minutes afraid to wake up with an unpleasant

IV Arrival

followed by: the most
five days out of every month

V Farewell**
good riddance to
bad ******* that
will unfortunately need to
be expelled next month I feel like a
human trashcan
Kate Lion Nov 2015
a hand.

my breathing slows
i fight back the throbbing in my forehead

"what's wrong?"

i bury my tear-stained face into his chest
he slides onto the bed
pulls me tight
rubs my back

"it's okay.
it's all okay.
it's okay."
Kate Lion Nov 2015
Every month when I have ***
It's like a hurricane ripped through my sanity
Tearing the curtains
Shattering the glass so I can barely see out the window
My perception of myself is distorted
I feel like a sandbag being carried through Arizona
Useless, purposeless
I lie in my bed staring up at the ceiling
My hormones are writhing, mixing, I lose my balance and teeter off the edge
Into the gulley below.
I'm strong I'm hormonal and I'm gonna cut a *****
Kate Lion May 2015


Kate Lion Feb 2015
i escape to the bottom of swimming pools
the harder it gets to breathe
the harder i kick
until my head hits the bottom

my ears pop
i am overwhelmed

i take naps on the freeway
the louder the horns scream
the deeper i sleep
it is relaxing 
to hear a chaos that compliments the white noise in my brain

my hangout is at the bottom of the stock market
but when the numbers come crashing down 
and everyone lowers their eyes on me
i disappear again

i walk barefoot on the asphalt, it's not my fault
that i want to know that searing pain can be caused by something outside of myself (my mind is not the only thing that's broken)

my finger hovers over the "delete" button
i feel better knowing everything could disappear

i don't have time
to accomplish anything

so i will scroll through facebook
scratch at my face
write a poem
and wish in my heart that you wouldn't worry so much
(i wish i wouldn't,  either)
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