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Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
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Genre: Inspirational
Theme: What Next
Max Mar 2019
Don't worry if things don't work out, you just gotta have a plan B.
Especially for relationships
Ember Evanescent Dec 2014
I want a boyfriend
I will admit that
I know,
That kind of makes me
A little bit pathetic
But I will not deny it
But I don't want you
I don't want YOU
The boy who treats me
Like his Plan B
It didn't work out
With her
So you turn to me
Your little ego boost
You might be gorgeous
You might be popular
You might be insanely charming
You might be clever
And a poet
And maybe you have
Incredible maple eyes
But you are
And I have always been
Not just unpopular
But antipopular
So don't try and impress me
With that
Well, I am not longer
Going to just be
The back up, second best girl
In your life
I don't need
To waste my time
On a boy
Who I know
Doesn't mean a thing
That he says.
Anyone else get a surprise text from an old flame?
Mary Christopher Jun 2014
What am I ever to do

When even my Plan B
Does not choose me?

Shall I be left alone
To face the world
One step ahead the rest?

Or shall I take a step back
And trail behind
Watching others’ happiness?

He, oh he
Was my Plan B,
But even he
Hurt me.

So what am I ever to do?
(I wish I could say this is new)
Me, I don’t have a clue…


— The End —