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Caroline Roche Dec 2017
Your sentences were gated,
And locked within your lungs -
Your words forbidden fruit to me,
The apple of your tongue.
The uninspired oft’ find it hard
To leave another’s song unsung.

So I harvested your phrases -
I burglarized your breath,
And nurtured all your laden words
‘Till there was nothing left.

And living with your hollowed words,
I died a stolen death.
Oculi Nov 2017
A lot of poets put they work in
Just so you can put out your ****
Not a huge message from you therein
It's just plagiarism down to the bit
I don't really wanna do what
All of you seem to be tools
I wanted to be abstract, not like you, but
Pretty cool.
K Balachandran Oct 2017
He stealthily usurped his favourite poet's celebrated pen
Strove  hard to write  with a footing on the poet's ken.
In what resulted, others could only see an overriding  yen
recognized patently as his; in this shady  game he didn't win!
Kyle Fisher Aug 2017
To be, or not, to be...
That is plagiarism.
Although, the rested see..
It's the only "ism"
Will I do?
Or, will I do not?
Will I place soulfully, the life before me?
Or, will I defy my end with bitter, confusion.
I doubt them both.
Within my heart,
I chase a rope.
About a time,
When rhyme and cope.
Are one, the same,
Rewrite my hope.
Can one remain,
While others greave?
Burn the bridge,
And meld the seam.
Amassed awake,
Your idle dream,
Don't mind the pain,
Rewrite and leave.
Nichole Jul 2017

I was a masterpiece
Created by almighty
One of the unknown individual
Sharing her thoughts

Dreaming to be the great
Giving all her best to her works
Many things that have been wasted
Thoughts have been messed

Still create a simple masterpiece
A poetry of her own
A works that can be known
A simple paragraph that it has showed

As the young poetess
Craves for more
Ink on her pen
Sheet of paper

To express her thoughts
To give a simple message
To be a good example
Nichole Jul 2017
Supporters over haters
Aiming for more likers
Hope to be known
When a real work was not shown
Shown whenyou share it for fame
To be called by a famous name
Cant you feel a lil shame
When someone shows their works not for fame
Show it with notebook and pen
Don't plagiarize just for fame
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