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The waves lashed
At the shore
Angry at the world’s loads

The sand squirmed
Beneath me
Desperate for my next step

***** littered the ground
Some pricking me
As if I were the cause of their frown

The wind blew
Against me
Slashing my face
As it flew
Blinding me

The world was silent
As I enjoyed the solitude
Until once again
It could be ripped from me
Beaches are a beautiful place to be when one wants solitude
Only the sound of the waves are there for company
No one to judge
No one to point out mistakes
Just you and your thoughts
The sun dies
To let the moon rise
And spread its light
Far and wide

The stars shine
Illuminating the sky
With hopes and dreams
For the ones below

The wind howls
With unkempt vows
Gushing through trees
As it goes on bitterly

I look at the scene
Sighing at my misery
Wishing for a thrill
On waking up
From the morning trill
Night time has a magic of its own
It’s the end of the day, giving us hopes for a better tomorrow filled with excitement and adventures
It’s the best time to reflect on our thoughts without anything or anyone disturbing us
Why do you hurt yourself
For the the one who only cares about himself
Why do you have to be the one who cries
After he is the one who should be feeling the pain
Why do you succumb to the pain
If he is the one who should be ashamed
Just a thought I thought was necessary to share
The books I read,
The songs I listen to...
All fill me with envy
Such lives they have
Filled with feelings and emotions
I would die to feel
My insides are numb
As if turned to stone
My mind's dead,
My heart asleep
I carry on like a machine
I want to escape my life
You loved me,Unconditionally,
And I broke you
I Shattered you into pieces
All because of my selfishness
All because I couldn't break through my selfishness and love you back
I broke you
U still love me
Who is a poet?
Is he someone who writes poetry?
Is he a person who sees things that others do not?
Is he someone who sees through beings?
Or is he a person who is unable to speak his feeling?
And can only seek solace in words
Tell me....
Who is a poet?
The glass shattered....with a loud crash
Its pieces scattering all the way to the other side
And some so far away they could not be found
It could have been thrown away,
In the darkest of the dumps,
Never to be seen again
But....fate had other plans for it....
It was melted
And moulded into a beautiful vase
Beautiful enough to put its former self to shame
Guess....its shattering was for the better
Even though the melting was painful
A person doesn't change by itself
Situations and times change it
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