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A single tear
Is enough to
Express a shattering soul
A single word
Is enough to
Tear up relations
A single smile
Is enough to
Small things yet huge impacts....
They say it's just a phase
That it'll pass away
Unknown to them...
Thirteen to Twenty
Will be there

With mental health at stake
We bagan to fake
Smiles and laughs
Became a piece of cake
Tears and sobs
Hidden at a stake

The walls of our house
Are no less than prison bars
Friends become family
All together in symphony

Expectations and hopes
Become our foes
Grades and medals
Are more prized to them

Rebellious nature
Growled at surroundings
Arousing its creator
Baring its fangs
Into its Bars

Freedom was a dream
Incomplete no matter the scream
One taste triggered the addiction
Took days to get over

Our love life
Became a comic
Even we laughed
At our misery

With all said and done
Here's to all teens
Young and aged
It's not a phase
Will be our craze
Teen years are the best years in a persons life...not all days maybe laughs and smiles but always remember that there is always someone out there who sees you as a role model and cares for your well-being
Haadiya Sunasara Oct 2020
I closed my eyes
And opened them again...
Only to find years
Passing by like seconds

Feeling nostalgic,
I slumped around...
Wishing for it to stop
Wishes fired back
leaving me astounded

I screamed and yelled
For time to stop...
It didn't listen
And hit the accelerator
Like a woman in a shop

I closed my eyes yet again...
To rewind memories
Of friends and foes
To phantoms that died

Thoughts of...
Betrayal and wisdom
Filled my head
With my chest blooming with pride

I opened my eyes...yet again
To a different light
A light of acceptance
And fortune
Time is really an amusing thing...
Its the fastest during our best times
and the slowest during out toughest
despite all that...time cannot be stopped no matter how much we try to relive certain moments.
Once gone time can never return
So live like its your last moment
Haadiya Sunasara Oct 2020
The Memories,
Of our childhood,
So vague,
Yet emotions are not fake

Our First Step,
First word,
First laugh,
Forgotten by us
Yet loved ones remember

Those Days...
Filled with laughter,
The future unfazed
No worries to
Conquer sleepless nights,
No bruises from fistless fights

Oh those days...when
Crying was once a new moon,
Talent was nothing to make a fool
Childhood was a thing of the present
Childhood is a beautiful phase that lays the foundation of our character and life
Haadiya Sunasara Oct 2020
A Blessing,
So extraordinarily lovely,
It made awes erupt

A Star,
So immensely dazzling,
It made the raging storm unknown

A Shadow,
For company,
Even in solitude

A Sword and Shield,
To fend of enemies,
On the battle field

A Blanket,
To ward of evil
That lures around

Angels in disguise
Friends are supposedly our other half’s...unable to survive and grow without them.
They know us like the back of their hands from our best to our worst
Haadiya Sunasara Oct 2020
I can't breathe,

The walls are closing in
The sky is turning grey

I can't breathe,

My heart clenches
And lungs are about to burst

I can't breathe

I hold on...
To a string I trust

I can't breathe,

My sanity is a matter of concern
It is just another day till I lose it

I can't breathe,

A shakel holds my ground
I can't help but drown

I can't breathe,

The city lights and stars twinkle
As if to taunt me

I can't breathe

Days go by...
Accompanied by the same.
Being trapped in a place with no where to go is...terrible. It doesn't matter if one has all the luxuries to live comfortably, as long as one stays in a place with 4 walls around them...its hard to breathe.
Haadiya Sunasara Oct 2020
The Rose stood tall,
Among the field of weeds

Its petals were red,
Dipped in blood

Its scent was,
An intoxicating drug

The softness of its petals
Put Eden Ducks to shame

The Rose itself,
Was an Epitome of Beauty and Fame

Beauty comes at a price

Its thorns were barriers,
Caging it in its beautiful cell

The were always there,
Ready to ***** if one got too close

The Rose wept,
Of Sorrow and Anger

For it longed,
To be a ****
Everyone has their own thorns...after all we are humans...
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