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Jon Thenes Feb 6
at a bend in the night
(early in your sleep program)
our vermin stained rancor
batters its ****** limbs
upon your double glazed windows

we kick a thistling up your vents
putting 'the ghoul' up your lightly clothed backs
and disrupting your 'conditioned' environment

scattering the lawn toys
our demented energy
aggressively makes collage
the muted spirit
of your suburbs

all of your 'homeware'
ignites nothing true
just taking options out
on your own life packaging

our baying notes
our rapid chatter
reminds the family homes
that they are only snug for now
for they remain subject to nature
and due reprimand

our message :  
conclude evacuate
and leave ruin
Establish a research and development facility tasked with recycling 100,000 commonly used household goods or packaged products back into the original base material needed to remake it into new product packaging. Pass legislation requiring all companies selling products with packaging to buy their source materials from a registered public-private venture allowing any firm willing to participate to do so. Companies must then manufacture packaging locally using source materials supplied by one of the public-private companies. Companies will also be required to hire locally using a diversity and economic income model incorporating or locating the participating companies in the poorest rural counties in the state.

Society grows great when Old Men plant trees.  -Socrates
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2018
I don't understand
why are we concealing our heaviness
our heartaches
our blues
behind laughter.
Packaging them as humor
and art with a ribbon on top
when it's dark raw and pain
I don't understand
why we aren't talking about it.
Because it is just becoming worse
for you, I everyone.

— The End —