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Scribbles99 Feb 2018
in my sporadic breath I plead for salvation

the depression and the pain, I’m sick to the core

don’t leave me

don’t stop the hysterical knocking

save me

I’m a lost child
Scribbles99 Nov 2017
She squashes a bunch of grapes
red as blood
and a purple bruise

She finds herself in a grave
filled with sabotaging melodies
and a gloomy pair of eyes

She's eyeing the top
and loses herself in greed
******* and naked in a feat

She's tiptoeing around a seat
cracking her innocence
and holding her tears

She smiles slyly with an allure
letters thrown into screeds
as she climbs breaking her bones

Her sentences are freed causing a stampede
and aims for self-recognition
as she marches through a dark street

A beautiful gloomy doll
dancing in a street
dragging her cold feet

Humming short and sweet
glowing with ego
she's a confident breed
Scribbles99 Jun 2017
What if all those insane people are the normals
and we are the crazy ones.

He was going round and round
walking in circles throughout the haunted hall
with millions of thoughts roaming his mind
He was stuttering and screaming
with dull, fading paint coloring whites and blacks
He was going crazy right in front of my eyes
and I was struggling trying to stop my tears
I hugged him with all my might and begged him to stop
I watched my brother becoming cracked and losing his mind
...watching in silence with painful cries...
I helplessly lost him in a super-massive black hole with no return
it was the insanity of a never-ending celestial dance
and I am sure my turn is coming soon.

We are the Eccentrics existing in a world of borders.
We are walking on margins; fighting our masked shadows.
What do you think?
I accept criticism with open arms as long as it's constructive and helpful.
Thank you xD
Scribbles99 Feb 2017
Our backs are barren
**** and cold,
and we'll hug warmly
in a sporadic breath.

Reflected boldly
on a royal sword;
a caress will freeze
drowned in coldness and blush.

Broken bits of a tempo
slowly find their way;
and we'll replay back the symphony
when we're in dismay.

Like puzzle pieces trapping
scrambled sand in an hourglass;
only meaningful when time
elapses through an atom of sand.

Those puzzle pieces
are scattered and raw
small, radiant words
and bleary, missing faces.

Typically vivid when
they're glued correctly to show
a painting of a hidden memory;
it's a noisy, deserted strand.

So whenever we fight
I'll willfully lose my psyche;
to replay back the moment
I embraced you in my sight.
Tear It Apart!
Scribbles99 Dec 2016
You brace your armor
You sharpen your blade

Pump your chest
Show off your conceit

You growl and howl
Like death is no more

You slit their throats
You rip their hearts

Blood splatters everywhere
But you simply wipe it off

The Earth absorbs it
And flowers later bloom

Their blood is dried and gone
But their wounds will never be forgotten

And At The End Of War

Like a lioness cub
You throw yourself into my arms

Take in my scent
Fill my embrace

Fully and squarely
Leaving no space

Marking your territory
Protecting what's yours

You cry your fears
Weep all night

Then sleep in my arms
Till the sun sets

You're the king of this land
The leader of your army

You're fearless in war
The leader of the battlefield

But after all
And you lovingly know it all

You're a child holding my hand
Tracing the steps I behold

You're a tiger moth
Drawn to my soothing flames
Scribbles99 Nov 2016
Shatter me into a million pieces
Shred me with an unwavering touch
I crave to be freed

Caress my disturbed heart
Embrace my aghast soul
Burn me with vivid poetry

I yearn for the devilish you
I miss your bulletproof grip
Chain me with bold shyness

Hold my crumbling hands
Keep me in soothing darkness
Save me from the shattering light

Indulge me in your power
Burn me with your shadowy flames
Be the reason to my yearning
Drench the flaring-masked light
I desire to be your one and only
Tear it apart xD
Scribbles99 Oct 2016
I'm a prisoner of myself
A prisoner of my past

A prisoner of my memories
A prisoner, a precast

Solely hanging
chasing time and sand

with bruised hands
I barely crawl

out of an abyss
I dug by my own

I boomingly scream
with silent pleads

a swan's wings
tattered to soar high

an aghast dream
clipped with savage scars

with crimson lips
I chuckle and laugh

with crimson lips
I shed an abandoned cry

passing by the winds
devoured by the nights

I'm a prisoner of myself
chained by the fading lights.
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