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English Jam Nov 2018
I am a wine glass in your palm
I know you'll let me shatter
Breaking into a million glass fractures
Doesn't seem to matter

"Oh darling," I hear you call out
From the inexplicable black void
Over which I delicately balance
Despite my attempts to avoid

In my heart I know the choice I've made
And I know that choice is you
All the realisation in the world
Wouldn't make me say we're through

White sheets, blissfully innocent
Stained with your sickly pale glow
I've got to have you, I know I shouldn't
What happens next, you already know
Tried to make go to rehab said
Hello Prolly May 2019
​​we live
​​in dreams
​​and fears
​​feeling hopeless
​​for not getting
​​what we desperately need
​​and we hardly know
​​other ways
​​to tell
​​They blame,
burning you

​​Listen to them,
​​and you'll see It.
​​Forgive them,
​​they don't mean it.
​​You blame yourself
burning too

​​Listen to yourself,
​​and you'll see It.
​​Forgive yourself,
​​you don't mean it.

​​so hopelessly in need,
​​being either
Them or You,

​​do feed the need
​​unless you need
not to live
Melanie Cordova Oct 2015
Memories like rain in my mind
Drip, drip , drip
Over and over
Do you remember when your mom left? Well, of course! It's just another rain drop falling down my cheek you created
Everytime you ask me a question about my past
Your just creating a rain drop and maybe one day with all those "raindrops" I can keep them in a jar
Ember Evanescent Jan 2015
Bilbo Baggins Jun 2014
no no no no no
no no no no no no no
no no no no no

— The End —