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I close my and think of her
for my darling, I'm missing her an empty feeling deep  Inside that never seems to go away now a year since
she's been

But If she only could lay her hands upon me again
to feel her loving touch
that I miss so very much
since my darling past
away so much pain since she's been

If only I could taste again the sweetness of Helen's lips and the passion of her kiss place again my hands upon Helen lovely
******* to smell again her sweet perfume

I close my eyes and see Helen standing there arms
held out Oh my God how beautiful she does looks how long to hold her again In my arms to kiss the sweetness of her lips all but a dream now I'm finding myself waking from
Dreams of Helen so real I didn't want to come back
to realities, I pray to fall to dreams of Helen but not to wake upon the morning light
that would be the choice for me
Where people don't know how to love
   They can't meet and laugh
      You neither eat nor Starve
You can no longer command nor serve
     Hades:there are no towns no a reserve
      You can't beg cause you can't give
     The only place you can't tell the truth and can't deceive
      You will not die cause you don't conceive
     It's a home we all deserve
Cause our manners we preserve
We'll all die
conflicting species
test the limits
to assert power
between themselves
i need to thank my ecology teacher for this
How amazing to lay on my bed and watch the stars at night sight to behold on a clear night Inky black

And stars like a million priceless jewels scattered upon the sky forming patterns across the Inky blackness occasionally out of ones eye a glimpse of a shooting star

Before you have time to focus your eyes It gone light aircraft flying overhead and always wonder to where they going and to where they'll be will tomorrow

I gaze upon the Inky blackness of the sky stars like priceless jewels forming patterns whilst cast upon the Inky blackness
Watching stars whilst laid In bed a sky that holds endless stories
I'd forgotten how big the sky was
How full of possiblity was a life filled with flight
Yes, Majora's
When that moon was hanging over me in such a way
It made it impossible to see the night from day
And to separate the time from the potential life
Be it without a countdown or accursed limit
But of a life outside of the dream far away
Beyond The Impending Moon of Doom (Majora's)
If you had met Helen for the first and knowing nothing about her she would have spoken to you just as If she'd known all of her life truly amazing she

Never known anyone that could make friends so easily everybody loved her
she had time for everyone
Speak to anyone she was really special

Just a shame life didn't treat her the same way but Instead was very cruel to such a kind lady who deserved so much better than she

I'm not a big fan of this world we have to live In I suppose I have a great deal of anger towards the Catholic Church that failed
After all, she had given everything to them to the point of becoming unwell and the priest turned their backs on her In her hour need of

I believe In a God, but not
the dog collier brigade that failed my wife In her hour of need so yes I do have anger for my wife gave so much kindness but asked nothing for
But should receive at least recognition for what she'd done poor girl forgotten by the church that she gave so much time to shame on them the Catholic Priests as they have a lot to answer
What with child abuse so I won't be attending church either now or In the future, God bless my wife for all she did and may she rest in peace

Helen Mary Walker
22nd July  
1955 - 23rd Dec
A special tribute to my wife who gave so much to the Catholic Church who failed her In her hour of need
Over the long years
Draped in happiness and leaves
Still grows old and dies
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 77
I am the Bird of Hermes,
I devoured my own wings,
And that is how I keep myself tamed.

Like a dark ghost you haunt me,
Wherever I go, your memories stalk me,

You think you knew me,
But the reality is far from the fantasy,

You have just seen the worst in me,
How would you look at me now?
A piller of strength,

One, with dangerous potential,
in the end, it's all sequential

Part of the tragedy is that life is unforgetful,
So strong that others fear my potential,

So dark and timid, yet so calm it offsets,
the storm that goes where I go,

To the point where I have to bite my wings,
And stop myself from soaring,
Cause this is not the story of Icarus,
But of the Fallen Bird that outgrew the master,

Yes, I am the Bird of Hermes,
And I devoured my own wings,
So that I remain tamed.
For all those broken souls who have found healing, but cannot help think of the dark past that shaped them.
In dreams of you my love
I taste again the sweetness of your lips and once again to hold you close to

My darling and although love had gone I still hold to my dreams Its there that I can love you once

And make passionate love again and feel the excitement through the sensitivity of your skin to kiss your body all

Oh my God I miss you so very much let me kiss your sweet lips once again
and let me love you one more time
Dreams so much a part of life and keep my beloved alive so sweet she was to me
Every day I sing In praise  to my sweetheart deserved
so much more In life than she ever received there Is no justice In this world to which we

A world I'm not to keen on anymore when I see the way the misfortunate of our society are treated they are cast-aside as If of little Importance for God shake they fellow

What Is wrong with our society that allows this to happen shame on those Involved who make these
poor people lives so miserably

We send out foreign aid nothing wrong In that but we don't take of our own It's as the authorities are ashamed of the situation
but don't want to admit to
it or the big part In causing the terrible suffering they have created I'm lost for words
So much  unnecessary suffering to our fellow
humans at times It almost
Unbelievable the suffering
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