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If there is purpose to life
Then it is death,
As all men die,
And some men mourn.
My “philosophy”...
Though, to me, there is no set purpose to life.
Dark Jewel Mar 2015
We all search,
And seek.
That guiding hand.

A hand that holds you,
In your darkest times.
One that will calm you,
In your despair of anger.

We all seek,
That sense of peace.
When we don't understand,
The reality.

We long for those hands,
To guide.
Those who have strayed.

To bring them forth,
Risen from the darkest corners.
Faces pale as ghost,
To be guided to a holy world.

You don't need religion,
To guide those who have strayed.
You need compassion,
To be a guiding hand today.

Guide those who have ran,
Those who are hiding.
Those who are in fear.

Bring them forth,
Rise them up.

Use your guiding hands,
To heal those.
Who have strayed.
I wanted everyone to know that there is someone out there for you. To guide you in your darkest times, to allow you to pour your heart out to be healed. It may seem grim now, but the light will brighten your heart that beats. It will save those around you, to keep them safe and alive.

To Sean,
Who has been through so much I can't even say. He guides me as I guide him everyday. I love him with all my heart and soul.

To Jessie,
Whose been through hell and back with me and will always be like a sister to me. I love you sis, thank you for guiding me.

To my Mom,
Who has guided me to a dead end.
But tried her hardest.

To my Dad,
Whose strong hands keep the family together. Who works harder than anyone I know. Who has compassion for his family and others.

To my Step mother,
We have been through alot.
I still love her like a mother and I thank her. We may not always get along but I still love her.

To all those who have given me hope,
Thank You.
Carter Ginter Jul 2014
Why can't I control my mind?
I'm alone and anger is all I can find.
Each day the evil spreads
Deep into my heart and inside my head.
I'm unsure of where it rose first
I only feel it digging deep, getting worse.
I hate everything I see
No. I hate me.
I'm the worst, most days
Easy to see why people don't stay.
I treat everyone terribly
Unfortunately, even my own family.
So "he" can reject me at the Gates of Heaven
I swear Hell can't be much worse than the places that I've been.
Day after day drag out and in
Clawing and tearing and wearing my skin.
Oh where did I go?
When did I get surrounded in this never ending snow.
Blizzards of pain and confusion
It's too clear to me now that I'm no longer losing
I've lost.

— The End —