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Soumia Oct 2019
Big eyes that look at me,
eyes that feel like home.

Green eyes that cries about me,
when I'm not around.

Green eyes that I miss,
when you decided to close your eyes.
Lydia Oct 2018
Everytime we say we goodbye
I wish I would have kissed you one more time
To both of my boys
Brenda Mukisa May 2018
He is perfect.
In height, age and appearance.
His pink lips turn a darker shade when he licks them.
He looks at her as she smiles..... or laughs.
He turns away when she looks at him.
Sometimes he continues staring....

He is handsome this one.
The way he turns all red when his emotions are spiked.
Or how he tries to make his small eyes appear bigger.
He looks great in yellow... or blue...or other colours.
He is a beautiful man indeed.

He is kind and respectful.
Blows children kisses and plays with them.
He is loved every where he goes.
At least by all she has met.
He doesn't take life too serious.....and plays along with all.

It was nice meeting you, he said....

I hope you become mine, she prayed silently......
Dolly munjal Nov 2017
All I prayed to have someone like u
God will hear this I never knew

When I first met you
I felt like I had known you forever
Keeping you close to heart
And losing you never

You keep running from me
But deep inside you already know its true
That I'm crazy for loving you

I tried to tell you how I felt
But things went wrong always
So I had to quiet

I wanna cheer you up
When you will be down
I wanna get close to you
By always being around

I may not be the perfect
But I promise you will never regret
I will be there forever for you
Just wanna tell you that I LOVE YOU
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
You call me at night and we sit and we talk
We dream of our wedding day, and the aisle I'll walk

All I can think of is you
My thoughts you consume

Waiting for you to be here in April
You'll move any mountain, I know you are able

I dream of you holding me tight
We'll have so much fun each and every night

Full body hold
Not letting go

Under the covers
Two bodies double

Softly becoming one
Our embrace will last long after the morning sun

I wake up from dreaming of you
My nightmare life ensues

Waiting for my life to begin, when you take my hand
For you are my life, my love, my man
All he gave me was dreams, nothing more.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
To My Dearest Love of All Time,

I'm going to allow you and give you the opportunity to find me. No, I mean, I will allow love to find us finally and lead us into each other. And no, I'm not expecting you to be somebody I know. for all I care, I'm living my life the best I can. I'm waiting for the time when we would finally meet. So, I hope you're living yours beautifully too.

My friends would casually ask me what's the best day I have ever lived, I haven't lived it yet as I'm reserving that day to be ours.  Know that I'm waiting here patiently, although I'm not good at that -- waiting. But know that I'm giving the best that I can because I want to give my best to you. Don't shun away, walk that road into our Happily Ever After because when I would finally find you, I'll walk straight towards you or maybe run if it's not a very desperate move to do.

Is it possible to miss someone you haven't met? Because that's how I feel every time I think of you. Is it possible to love someone whom you still have to meet in the future? I have all my love reserved for you.

-- Criss ∞
You have my heart even before 'US' becomes a reality.
IamMsIves Jul 2014
Looking at myself beyond those dreamy eyes of yours
Brought me back to those days
When you close the doors.

Not one day that I'm not thinking of you
When yearning for your sweet words
And soothing voice makes me through.

So many days spent in wishful thinking
The what ifs and what could have beens
Only to realize that the clock is ticking.

I told myself time and again
That there will be no more us
And nothing can break the chain.

I asked myself why can't he embrace my love
Then enjoy both worlds
And share the feelings we speak of?

Alas I have you back, my man
Closer and more loving as before
And so my life again has began.

My love, I have you now
Bringing me happiness and glow
Sadness I won't allow.

My love for you is deep
Press me in your heart
As forever, you, I will keep.


— The End —