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David Lampert May 2021
You give us good bites from the table
Where Daddy will just pet our fur
Lil nuggets of chicken or salmon
Like perfectly made petits four

Your ballet nails scratch our backs
Our sleepy eyes close in delight
And then suddenly you sneeze us awake
So we have to shout Meowsundheit

This tiny poem will show you our love
More than any pretty flowers say
And so we're forever your cutey kittens
Happy Meower's Day
Our two cats are very talented at verse.
David Lampert Jun 2018
If you flip each letter vertically, the poem stays the same. You can imagine the line halfway submerged in water, and the bottom half of the line is the reflection of the top half.
David Lampert Jun 2018
.           Oh
.           middle
.           finger
How    I do        need
thy      simple    gest
to         handle   the
***       holes      who
oft       cross       the
rue      of my     day
concrete, pattern, or shape poetry
David Lampert Jun 2018
I am your champion
  for when you lose your way
And a shoulder to cry on
  so let life come as it may

I am your champion
  when you have nothing to say
The one who will be here
  until we're old and gray

You are worth fighting for
for my wife, Meli
David Lampert Jun 2018
Truth is paradise. It leads men's souls to an island alone.
from a dream 2003-03-15
David Lampert Jun 2018
Gentle waves reflect
Star undimmed guiding my path
Still as Winter ends
Haiku for my father who passed away
David Lampert Jun 2018
I am big on iambic pentameter
  About that I could never lie, since
I pass every poetic parameter
  And earned my poetic license
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