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Incremental actions
bring monumental
With every fundamental step
your future rearranges
You may not know
what tiny task
could be quite instrumental
in moving your successes
to new and higher ranges
This is Prosperity Poem 36 at  You can see it on a background at
La tinta a flor de piel
la llegada omitiendo
el saludo y el pase directo
a lo que  llamo
dos candentes
llamas en tu boca.

El beso de cinco minutos
que pide otros cinco
el fugaz rose de cuerpos
que transforman la energia
y hacen que el tiempo
se consuma rapido
pero que se disfruta cada momento.

Tu cuerpo como un monumento
y el cielo que me regalas cada día
tu forma de hacerme sentir
las curvas que me dejas tocar
y el nudo de la blusa que sostiene
las esferas de cristal.

No se que haría si cambias
tu manera de caminar
y después de memorizar
cada bello lunar en tu cuerpo
no me arrepiento
de pedirte 5 minutos
pues eso basta
para vivirte una eternidad.
sweet ridicule Sep 2017
I wash my hands constantly, as the smell of anything unnatural makes me uneasy. I smell the tips of my fingers and the palms of my hands nervously; the smell of metal, carpet, and reluctance all trapped between my fingers nauseate me. I run to the sink and pump soap into my hands before frantically rubbing them together, forming as many bubbles as possible.

I only like my hands when they smell like soap or oranges or lavender.

I have nightmares about you during the day. I sit awake and wonder how much of you was real and how much is just sound that I created in a desperate leap for love. The leap I swore I would take over and over again.

There is paint on my arms and my hands right now and all I can think about is how i wish I were an artist
I wish i could draw myself into things the way I can push myself into things that hurt

My mom told me I am brave that I am fearless that I just do things
but I think I am reckless with myself
the way I run into pain face first and tear into it with my fists over
and over again
I have never been afraid of change
The way pain rolls over you and makes your stomach convulse
your whole body week and your sobs so huge that they don’t make sound beyond the frantic gasp for air at the end

I have always been to proud of being human
for some reason I think that the way I feel the way I live is somehow monumental
running into things over and over again

— The End —