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Peter Balkus Aug 2019
They have their own world,
secret language they speak.
They worship angry God,
made of their own fear.

They are scared of themselves,
despise what they don't know.
Their aim - to survive,
to conquer - their goal.

They go from town to town,
they ****, ****, and they dance watching homes burning down,
claiming Peace, innocence.

You can **** them with gun,
with a book you have read,
but they will never die,
they will never be dead.
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
There was no point of staying
and fighting for what we believe -
they were ruthless,
we were too peaceful to survive.

Had we stayed,
there would've been no mercy,
no compromise.
Their barbaric lifestyle,
they would have forced it on us.

So we run away,
having left everything behind,
knowing that since now on
we will always be running away
and hiding,

because we are innocent,
we detest violence,
we love life,
and because God is on our side.
"In the early 17th century the Roman Catholic Jesuits launched large campaigns in order to rekindle faith among Catholics. The ruler of the Netherlandish regions, a devout Catholic, Philip II of Spain, felt it was his duty to fight Protestantism, and, after the wave of iconoclasm, sent troops to crush the rebellion and make the Low Countries a Catholic region once more. The Protestants, many part of the merchant elite, in the Southern Low Countries (Flanders, Brabant) fled North en masse. An extreme example was the population of the city of Hondschoote, which dropped from 18,000 to a mere 385 inhabitants."
Stanley Wilkin Feb 2017
The flames soared high
Above the broken city-
Troy sodden by war
Necks cut, women *****, children
Enslaved. The sea mirroring
The city’s pain, screaming waves
Piling on the shore.
In the dust lay
The groaning towers of Iliam
The beaten
Shards of a brilliant culture
Felled and fouled
By barbarians.

Around the moping Cypress
Heroes' ashes
Lie infertile,
While Achilles moans in Hades
Weeping unwashed tears
For his body's fading
And his shadows continuance
In eternal gloom.
Peter Balkus Jul 2016
is a ruin
of an
by barbarians.
The man in the middle quietly weeps as the deafening crescendo grows on…

Hoping by chance he’ll soon join the dance but knowing deep down, somehow, he is wrong?

The people who lead have more than they need insisting on evermore -till it’s gone.

And at the end of the day they’ll cry merrily and gay;

“What happened t’was a wonderful song?”
In all ancient Greek and Roman cities there was an altar in the center named, "Pity," where food, clothes and wears were left for those who had nothing.
Shruti Atri Jul 2014
All good is lost,
And we pay the cost,
As we watch our country burn;

A shadow up ahead,
In the path we now tread,
A molester at every turn.

A haven for girls,
Kept decked up in pearls,
Now amused as they stand defamed;

What change came about?
How sick can a man turn out?
The law keeps the culprit unnamed!

Hurting another with such fallen grace;
Leaving her in pieces, feeling disgraced:
Soiling her form, her mind, her life;

It disgusts, hurts and saddens the soul,
A father, a brother, a friend played the role:
Shattering her dreams, her goals in a strife.

Tainted now in the darkest of shades:
Her life is lost, a future fades;
Faith is a myth, humanity a tale.

She's hardly alive, like the waking dead;
*And though she weeps on her poisioned bed,
She will live on bloodless and pale.
I wrote this more than a year back, on reading about a 5 year old **** victim.
I was pushed to frustration when I tried to Google through the News to read the whole report about the case...and found that on entering '5 year old' in Google search, the very first suggestible search read, '5 year old *****'.
It was really shocking...after all the progress in information and research and all this development in infrastructure and industry throughout all countries, have we returned to being barbarians on the moral front?!
Please know, that I acknowledge the fact that only the fairer *** is not exclusively a victim here, it's astounding to look at the number of cases where the roles are reversed...that just makes it all a whole lot sadder...

— The End —