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Pearson Bolt May 2016
they sentenced anarchy to death in 1887.
in the wake of the Haymarket Affair,
they tried in vain to hang a fifth figure
on a chilly November day,
attempted to fit a noose
on an idea that's bullet-proof.


a refrain that remains in remembrance
of Engel, Fischer, Parsons, Spies,
and every man, woman, and child
whose life was robbed by the State
before his or her time.

a mantra celebrating the universal
qualities capable of unifying humanity
even in the face of an apparatus arraigned
to divide
and segregate.

we march in Chicago and Seattle,
in Toronto and NYC,
continuing the fight they began
for dignity and a living wage—
our burning rage growing to a conflagration
as we wave black flags and reclaim
the city streets from killer cops
and corporate oligarchs.

authority an illusion we will shed  
in the tides of black and red, united
against injustice.
"The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today."
- August Spies, anarchist & labor organizer

In solidarity with those protesting across the globe for a living wage, this poem is dedicated to the memory of the Haymarket 8 and every other anarchist prisoner in the world today.
Panos Ambelas Feb 2016
It has four walls
and two windows,
but it's pretty,
even if it's dark.

It has one table
and two chairs.
It looks full,
even it's empty.

It has no floor,
or pretty plates,
but only dust,
painted with blood.

How many people died
and how many pained?
But they builded a beautiful house,
even if it's forgotten.

Something inside me tells me to stay,
to open the windows,
the sun to see it,
May Day to smell.
May Day
Belle Victoria Feb 2016
you stopped loving yourself when they started loving you

it was the moment all the people around you opened their eyes
that you decided to keep them close, you kept pretending, you kept hope

Jersey just got colder when you packed your bags and left me for dead
I was crying in the hallway begging you to spend another day with me
but you said you never wanted to see my blue eyes again, and you went

it was like the world stopped turning that second you looked at me
the people on earth stopped breathing at that moment you said goodbye

my heart couldn't stop screaming, my lungs were getting out of air
talking is cheap and your talks were expensive, I had to pay it all..

you always wore a necklace with my name on it, you always were happy
I took away that smile when I came into your life, like the dark night sky

a day after the day you left, my life felt miserable yet wonderful

I could hear the broken kids whispering my name while riding my bike
they would call me things like hopeless and sad, cruel and ugly

but he never seemed to care about the whispers,
because I didn't loved him anyway.
im a **** writer.
S Fletcher May 2015
Tear it to shreds,
dip it in paste,
and with a hundred hands
you can mold yesterday's
riot coverage into the
face of something else.

A dragon big and burning—
all fires meet in one belly,
a generation, a heat poised
for more than just another bend
down the same old bone-paved road.

What do we want?!
When do we want it?!
ln Jul 2014
" Don't listen to pop punk,
Don't listen to rock,
Those are the words of the devil,
Those aren't words you should be saying",
The mother lectures.

If only she knew,
The way Sleeping With Sirense churned my emotions,
The way Roger Rabbit gave me confidence,
The way Who Are You Now gave me perspective,
The way With Eyes To See and Ears To Hear made me feel okay.

The way Pierce The Veil messed with my thoughts,
The way Hell Above filled me with anger,
The way Million Dollar Houses filled me with hope,
The way King For A Day boosts my energy.

The way All Time Low brought forth my happiness,
The way A Love Like War made me feel so alive,
The way I Feel Like Dancin' made me feel like dancing,
The way Therapy, gave me therapy.

The way My Chemical Romace inspired me,
The way Welcome To The Black Parade gave me faith,
The way I Don't Love You ignited strength within me,
The way Teenagers made me feel normal.

The way You Me At Six enlightened me with joy,
The way Stay With Me made me feel whole,
The way Lived A Lie made me want to punch a wall,
The way Crash made me feel like crashing.

The way Mayday Parade poked daggers through my soul,
The way Miserable At Best lifted up my sunken ship,
The way Terrible Things made me feel like I was going to recover,
The way Stay made me want to stay.

The way Linkin Park generated electricity in my veins,
The way Numb made me feel numb,
The way Castle of Glass built me up all over again,
The way Breaking the Habit gave me the resilience to get up and fight.

— The End —