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the summer’s great lizard hides
under a rock,

the summer sings of ending days, of
lonely horizons and crystal seas,

we smoulder in the sunshine
where the clouds flow in their

drifting streams, their ridges like
colossal ledges on the mountains

of the world.
"summer's almost gone, where will we be " is a quote from the group the doors.
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
Don't Go
Please wait
Let's stop
For a while
For a moment
For a lifetime
Hope this is it

Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
Fading memories
Off to the road lights
Can we go or should we wait up
I can't stop this now
The feeling is rushing
Can you hold me up
Don't let my hands slip away
I just like how these moments
Became an eternity of seconds with you

Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
It was an early wake up call
To finally realize I must not fall
You always give me the ball
But I know you'll never call
Do I need to crawl?
Let's have some time on the wall
Can we resist this fireball
Even though chances are small
I can give you my all
Hope you are my downfall

Amoy May 2019
I loved climbing trees
I use to play with the other boys in the street
Street cricket was such a treat
I would lick 6, over the neighbors yard
loud and boisterous, as the other boys
No one said anything they accepted me as a boy
I was never confused, my ego was never bruised
As I grew, I met the girl I never knew
She took over, and now he has the best view
he's not buried, we live in mutual symbiosis
escaping this worlds unjust definition of my psychosis
growing up being a Tomboy in the Caribbean/Jamaica
"Lick 6 is a cricket term"
Chantell Wild Mar 2019
where do we start
and where do we end
its a ******
being with you
its tender
just knowing you
you break my heart every day
and yet i love you
i love you still
i love you
love you love you
am i stupid?
i am something
that you havent
yet guessed at.
whats the bet?
you aint gonna get it.
Yet here we are.
You, wearing shoes
in the presence of
my bare feet.
What is the best time of day to love you?
When just below the horizon
The sun’s morning light warm the dew?
When just from slumber arisen
My first thought today is of you?

When sunlight bends grass to the east
And arcs to zenith in the sky?
Mid-morning my love is not least
Growing ever higher than high.

When my shadows all disappear
With the sun direct overhead?
At the noon it’s you I revere
More than I could have ever said.

When warmed by the hours of light
Each moment I have loved you more.
The sun recedes into the night
And I love you more than before.

When light of the night are my dreams,
Still loving a love that is real.
I can love you more now it seems,
And wake to recall how I feel.

When is the best time of day to love you?
No time is better than the rest.
I love you no matter the time.
For no time is better than best,
True love is a love too sublime.
These are the things I think are fun
So much so I can’t choose just one:
To hold you.
To kiss you.
Be with you.
(Not miss you!)
Laugh with you.
Walk with you.
Listen and
Talk with you.
Ride a bike.
Park a car.
Stay at home.
Travel far.
Get undressed.
Lie in bed.
Don’t wake up.
Snooze instead.
Kiss your lips.
Kiss your ear.
Kiss your neck.
(And down there!)
Foot massage.
Shop and eat.
Motel Six.
Fancy Suite.
I guess the things I like to do,
Are anything I do with you.
Like the fruit tree that every spring,
Blooms when it senses flow’rs should be,
Knowing at once what fruit to bring,
It has a flawless memory.

To see the sun rise every morn,
And know it never skips a day,
Forgotten not since Earth was born,
It’s memory can’t fade away.

When petals of a flower spread,
Ere they go dormant in the fall,
Entice a bee and feathered head,
It’s memory gives food to all.

When nature has a vital need,
It knows what God already knew.
As plants have mem’ry in their seed,
I’m born with memory of you.
I believe in telepathy.
Even if I didn’t I should.
I like to think you think of me
Each time I think of something good.

Since you are always on my mind,
Energized by our connection,
Across the ether you should find
Me in your mental projection.

I open up and let you in,
And turn my loving thoughts to you.
Each thought of you that’s ever been
Should cause you to think of me too.

You’re in my heart and in my head,
And as unlikely as it seems,
If I’m awake and you’re in bed,
My thoughts of you are in your dreams.
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