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AnnStacia Mar 2021
I gave so many lights
I wonder if you lost your way or if you found your nightlight
If the stars carried you through or if the monsters at night snatched you
I saw your blue eyes every god dam time
I can’t believe I lost you
Can you sing out the tune that we ****** too
I gave so many moves
I wonder if you felt my tongue ride you
Did you go to the underway without me
I felt your hands hold me down every god dam night and I loathe you
But I gotta have you
I gave so many whispers
I wonder if you heard me in the silence
I wonder if you felt me on top of you , melting you...
Hanging onto you with every slightest affection
I saw your eyes lay on my body every god dam direction
Can you sing out the tune that we ****** too while I bite my lips in remembrance of loving you
Megan Grace  Jul 2014
Megan Grace Jul 2014
i   wish   i
knew  the
right way
but   even
think i n g
about     it
makes my
help     me
h   e   l    p
myself  t o
s    t   o   p
this has been in my drafts since august

— The End —