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Bridjitta Jun 2020
First you'll fall in love with his artworks
Of how simple sketches and strokes create a majestic scenery
a place out of this world
a paradise you've never heard

Then you'll fall in love with how he made them
How he spent sleepless nights just to finish them
His eyes heavy, his hands weary
Yet his masterpieces made him happy

You pushed him to go on when he doubted on himself
You encouraged him--- you're always there when he needs an extra help
The longer you cheered him up, the deeper your feelings grew
But because of fear you kept this all to yourself

And now you're in love with that artist
In your eyes he was a perfect masterpiece
It wasn't his artworks you admired all this time
It was him you're in love with all the while

For you he might be the most beautiful art
You have to accept that you'll never have his heart
For him you're just a draft whom he never planned to finish
And now that he rose to fame, in his mind you've already vanished

So don't fall in love with an artist, my dear friends
For once I have been, and now I'm full of regrets
Once he brought my life colors, my heart was totally bizarre
Now i'm all alone in darkness monochrome and dull
Bridjitta Jun 2020
Cold was the night. The cool breeze of December caressed her arms as she overlooked the plaza where everyone was enjoying the opening of the Festival of  Lights. Then she felt a hand tapping on her shoulder. When she turned around, she saw him dressed appropriately for the occasion.

   The awkward ambience made it difficult for the both of them to start up a conversation, so it was the guy who broke the silence.
"It's been so long, Vanessa. I could see you've changed a lot". Her lashes went down and she grinned. Then she looked at him." Well, Paris changed me Fred. How about you?"

   Fred couldn't help but stare at her. Though she's dressed luxuriously and her face full of neutral shadows, he could still see the old Van, the one with whom he spent the holidays with since childhood. "Well, this town might have changed a lot, but not me Van. Not me"

   " I heard you're now a successful engineer? I still recall those days when you wanted to destroy your blueprints" she replied, and both chuckled. " So how is it going for the now French-citizen CPA?"

   " Beyond blessed. But despite my successful career, I still can't stand my loneliness there. You know, missing old faces---friends, family,".  " And me?" He interrupted. She couldn't look straight at him that moment. "Well...maybe. I guess?" and both chuckled awkwardly.

   He remembered those days when she was still living as a simple province girl---quite different from what she is now. The way she would feed the carabao every morning and how she made rice cakes for him. How they escaped the farm from her father and go to the town and buy some thrifted clothes and other stuff from the novelty shop with him. And how they celebrated the Festival of Lights every year: no money, no food, no other places. It was just him and Van, the Simbang Gabi and the view of the lights in the town plaza that they enjoyed.

   Now, tables have already turned. She is now a woman of class, of intellect. The woman who used to love him dearly as he did to her. And there was he---who stayed in this small town. Who never looked for opportunities in the city because he wanted to stay here. Because he wanted to wait, he wanted to be there when she finally decided to come home. He knew that she'll return to this small town. If she still had feelings for him, that he did not know.

   "Oh, It's been ten years..." she murmured.
"Ten years, it is. Ten years---and it has always been you"
" Fred? Y---you really waited huh?"
" I told you, a promise is a promise"
" I told you not to... I mean---you could've looked for other women. You see, it's already too late"

   " It is never too late or too soon, Van. It is when it is supposed to be. Why, are you already in love with someone?"

   " Yes Fred. I've been in love with some guy"

   At that moment, the world became frozen. There was a part of him that wanted to walk out, but he also wanted to talk to her. Still, he had the courage to ask "Who's the lucky guy then?" With a smile on her face, she replied, "It's you".

   He couldn't believe his ears, and his heart jumped for joy. "So it's still me?"

   "It's been you, Fred. Though I went somewhere far away, my heart knows where it belongs. You know, the heart wants what it wants". Tears started to fall down from his cheeks. And she wiped them away and kissed him.

   They stood up and found their way around the plaza. He held her hand, and asked "So you're my girlfriend...again?" Then she kissed him at the forehead and smiled. They enjoyed the night strolling around, the fireworks, the December air, the Festival of Lights, and the love that was indeed sweeter the second time around.
Short story
Bridjitta Jun 2020
"Edward, stay after class. The rest, you may now take your lunch". Everyone rushed towards the door while Edward sat on the teacher's table, completely puzzled.
"Uhh... Yes Mr. Fabio?" he asked.
"What was the performance task for this quarter Edward? "
" Oh. To create a poem about science? "
" Uhuh. And what did you write? "
" Uhmmm.. a poem for a science teacher. Is that the reason why you called for my attention sir? "
" Nope. It's not. " Edward gave a sigh of relief and smiled. " What is it then, sir? "
"I told you to stay because I know that you did not make this poem! " Mr. Fabio remarked angrily. Edward was now sweating yet he denied the accusation. He tried to persuade his Physics teacher that he was the one who made the poem. Yet his teacher seemed to be a hundred percent  sure that he was not the author.
"How could you tell?" He finally remarked.
"Because that was the exact poem your mother made for me 15 years ago! " Mr. Fabio shouted. Edward was astonished and he couldn't believe what he just heard. "Wait... ww---what?! Mom?!"
"See. I knew it wasn't you Edward. Next time, when it comes to projects, don't be too dependent on others. You are the one being graded here, not Melissa".
" How'd you know my mom? Was she your student before? "
With a deep sigh, Mr. Fabio began narrating, while Edward sat facing his teacher.
"Your mother was not only an ordinary student. She was one of the brightest students I had. Melissa loved me, not only as a teacher, but something beyond the boundaries. But during that time, teacher student relationships were illicit, so despite the mutual feelings, I decided to hide my love for her and started to act cold and stubborn. "
" So you never had a relationship? "
" Nope. "
" Then what about the poem? "
"Oh. That poem" Mr. Fabio chuckled.
"In front everyone, yes. She recited that poem. That's how confident your mother was back then, and I could see that you've got that confidence too. After that I started to become known in this school. Not as a physics teacher but as the one your mother was head over heels with. Actually I even loved her more. But it was forbidden"
" So what did you do? Did you secretly confess or what? "
" No. I told her to stop."
" But why?"
" Because I am her teacher, and she is only my student"
" I thought you loved her too sir?"
" Well, yes. My love for her never stopped. Yet I had to set the line between us, because I don't want to lose a job, and I don't want her to be judged even more. Your mother was an achiever, you know"
" Did you actually try to confess?"
"Yes, during their graduation day. After the ceremony, I tried to approach her. But I saw another guy approaching her as well, giving her a bouquet of flowers. All I knew was that the guy is an engineering student".
" Dad. That's my dad sir."
" it's good to hear then. I thought all things were already going well. I thought that was the perfect time because she's not my student anymore. But I realized that because of pretending to be ruthless, I've hurt her a lot."
" Maybe mom got tired of waiting" and both laughed at each other.
" That day broke my heart Edward. You see, I still love your mom but yeah, she's got a family and now she haves you. " Both were in awkward silence. Then Edward decided to ask his teacher one last question.
"Sir, will I get deductions for this?"
"No worries. Just promise me you won't do it again okay? You may now take your lunch."
Edward bid farewell to his teacher. Mr. Fabio did the same. And as Edward closed the door, he peeked one last time, only to see his teacher in tears embracing the poem he submitted.
Bridjitta Feb 2020
You’re the man I want to be with for the rest of my life
But I don’t know why I’m suffering this strife
It seemed that fate won’t let you be mine
I know you’ll leave me after some time

Yes, I still imagine myself walking down that long aisle,
My face showing a big smile
For there you are at the altar, waiting
Before the church bells go ringing

Yet as I am near the altar now
About to take my wedding vow
Another guy grabbed my arm
As I looked at him, with his smile so warm
My heart was shattered for it felt so harmed

And there you are
Still standing on the altar
You gazed at me, I tried to avoid it
But when I looked at you, I cried and couldn’t help it
When you muttered the words:
“In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit”.
Bridjitta Aug 2019
Nakita kita noon sa sulok
Nagmumukmok, umiiyak
Dahil ang puso mo ay kanyang winasak
Kaya't ikaw ay aking tinabihan at pinatahan
At habang pinapalabas mo ang sakit ng iyong kalooban ikaw ay aking dinamayan
Kaya tinulungan kitang makalimot
Sabi ko sa'yo "Wag kang magpakabagot
Palayain mo na ang lahat ng galit at poot
Sa iyong puso"
At sabi mo naman " oo, pangako
Hindi na ako magpapaapekto
Kakalimutan ko na ang lahat ng alaala
Isasantabi ang sakit na nadarama
Basta't tulungan mo ako"
At ayun na nga
Ako ang nagsilbing panyo sa tuwing luluha ka
Ako ang naging balikat na sinandalan mo sa tuwing nabibigatan ka
Ako ang naging unan na niyayakap mo sa tuwing nalulumbay ka
At ako ang naging alarm clock mo para gisingin ka sa katotothanang wala ka na talagang pag asa sa kanya
Palagi kitang sinamahan sa lahat ng iyong trip
Sinasabay mo ako sa mga libangan mo sa tuwing ika'y naiinip
Ako ang naging partner mo sa tuwing ika'y tatagay
At kung saan saan na tayo napadpad dahil sa lakwatsang walang humpay
At Hindi ako nabigo
Dahil sa wakas, wala na siya sa bokabularyo mo
Hindi mo na siya nasambit sa mga usapan
At hindi mo na siya iniiyakan sa inuman
Unti unti tayong napalapit sa isa't isa
Higit pa sa pagkakaibigan nating dalawa
Hindi ko iyon pinansin dahil sabi ko baka ikaw ay nadala
Kaya't ang pagturing mo sakin ng espesyal hindi ko nilagyan ng malisya
Tinuloy natin ang ating dating gawi
Nagtatawagan pa rin tayo hanggang hatinggabi
Ang biglaang pagbago ng pakikitungo mo sa akin
Ay hindi ko binigyang pansin
Pero pinaparanas ko sa'yo kung paano ka dapat mahalin
Ngunit isang araw bigla akong natauhan
Nahulog na pala ako sa'yo nang hindi ko namamalayan
Alam kong hindi ito maari dahil kakagaling mo lang sa hiwalayan
At dinamayan lang kita dahil ako'y iyong kaibigan
Ang kailangan ko lang gawin ay pagtagpi-tagpiin ang puso **** nawasak
Ngunit sa tuwing tayo'y magkikita labis ang nararamdamang galak
Oo, Alam ko namang kailangan ko 'tong itigil
Ngunit itong puso ko ang hindi makapagpigil
Hindi ko alam kung pagmamahal na ba ito
O sadyang naawa lang ako sa'yo dahil sa sinapit mo
Hindi ko alam kung may patutunguhan ba ito
Natatakot kasi ako
Natatakot na mahulog sa iyo
Dahil baka hindi mo'ko masalo
Pero isa lang ang sinisigurado ko
Ako ay nahuhulog na sa iyo
Kaya't naglakas loob ako na umamin sa iyo
Dahil sabi ko "wala naman na kayo"
Pero nang sumagot ka ako ay nabulabog
Na para bang ang puso ko ay biglaang nadurog
Dahil sabi mo "hindi ko sinasadyang ikaw sa akin mahulog
Ngunit pasensya na, siya pa rin ang aking iniirog
Oo ako sayo'y nahuhulog rin naman
Pero ang puso ko siya pa rin ang laman"
Hindi ko kasi alam Kung saan ako lulugar
Kung ako na ba talaga o siya pa rin yata
Sabi mo kasi wala na
Pero sa sinabi **** iyan
Napagtanto kong siya pa rin talaga
Eh paano naman ako?
Ako na pilit binubuo ang puso **** sinira niya
Ako na naging panyo mo sa tuwing luluha ka habang siya lumiligaya na sa piling ng iba
Ako na nagsilbing balikat mo habang siya'y nakasandal na sa balikat ng iba
Ako na nagsilbing unan na palagi **** niyayakap sa tuwing malungkot ka habang siya ay nakikipagyakapan sa iba
Ako na gumigising sa'yo sa katotohanang hindi na siya babalik
Ngunit ayon ka't nananaginip, malakas pa ang hilik
At umaasa pa rin na siya ay babalik.
Ako, ako na nandito noong mga panahong wala siya
Ang tanging taong dinamayan ka nang ikaw ay mabigo
Ang taong bumuo sa'yo
Ang taong nagmahal sa'yo ng totoo.
Akala ko napasaya na kita
Akala ko sapat na ang naitulong ko para kalimutan mo siya
Hindi pa pala nabuo ang puso **** nawasak
Ngunit heto ako, ang mga bubog ay aking hawak hawak
Habang ako nasa alapaap na pagka't iniibig ka
Ikaw naman ay nasa gitna ng dagat, lunod na lunod pa sa kanya
Hinangad ko lang naman na ikaw ay pasayahin
At tulungan ka para siya ay iyong palayain
Sinugal ko ang lahat lahat
Ngunit di pa rin pala sapat
Sana iningatan ko na lang ang puso ko
Kesa sa buuin ko ang puso mo
Kung siya pa rin pala ang laman nito
At doon ko napagtanto
Ako lang yung taong paapsayahin ka sa tuwing nalulungkot ka
Ako lang yung taong sasamahan ka sa tuwing ikaw ay nag iisa
Ako lang yung magsisilbing libangan mo sa tuwing nababagot ka
Ako lang ang taong kakailanganin mo kapag ang puso mo'y wasak na
Dahil kung ako totoong minahal kita
Ako naman sa iyo'y isang panakip butas lang pala.
Ang tulang ito ay alay ko sa mga taong nagmahal ng wagas
Ngunit ginawa lang palang isang panakip butas.
Bridjitta Aug 2019
There's something in your voice that makes it alright
Something in your smile that gets me through the night
A comfort in your grin that helps my day pass by
A twinkle in your eyes that lights my dark sky
Your embrace says "don't worry" and your laugh, it says "I care"
That kiss you give when we say goodbye that says "I'm always there"
It's all these things about you I couldn't live without
It's you that makes me happy, It's you without a doubt
Bridjitta Aug 2019
Lost is the girl
With a sorrowful smile
She waits for her love
A long and weary mile

He stole her heart
Before she'd ever seen
He'd be her king
And she'd be his queen

Though far away
She knows in her heart
A connection between them
Cannot be torn apart

Born to love him
All of her life
She awaits his return
With no grief or strife

Love will draw them near
And will see them to the end
Together they will be
Their distance, time will amend
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