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TheB0redP0et Jul 2019
Seated by the gallery,
looking out into the star light.

Wishing to relive a tragedy,
the loss of a soul, this very night.

Hanging on the wall, a faded print,
memories of the past.

A certain scar that will never heal,
as then a lit match was cast.

If it was a dream,
we would have awoken.

But, now all I remember are his screams,
like a curse from a fallen totem.

Why must we burn,
for we never did sin.

As the flames turn to ashes,
I had to bury my own kin...
College assignment to write relating towards Gender Studies...
TheB0redP0et Jul 2019
poetic thoughts running free 'n' about,
thinking limericks, my mind's full of doubt.

spooked from behind, as then i called for my cat,
trying to convince, the innocent claws to chase out the rat.

as all he did was pout the fat 'n' lazy, stout...

— The End —