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Kurt LaVacque Mar 2015
Simple yet a affective
We dream of the day without needing disinfectant
It's not that we are *****
It's that we are
And never will be clean
We will never be 100%
No germ
No *******
It's written in pen
But you accidentally smudged it with your freshly cleaned linen
We live in a world where everything is a mess
But optimistically call it's it
"A little spill"
Or "a few crumbs"
You never hear anyone talk about how ****** the world is
Like they're going to get something done
Not any sort of panic
No fear of the unknown
It's become so normal
That we forget that we are owned
Some one has a file with our name on it
In a drawer, in a room with only one door
But someone locked it
And no one knows who
But if there is anything to look forward to
There is a door
And behind it
The world is so much more
Kurt LaVacque Mar 2015
I am still
I am calm
I am dusk
I am dawn  
From the tips of my toes
To the highest books on the shelf
I wait for you
Please Let me

Let me be your eyes darling
Let me see the color of your sky
From the perspective of your eyes
Let me reach out and touch you
With my hands holding yours
Let me follow you to no where
And I will open all the doors
We will leave this place forever
And find somewhere new
That will always play summer
And the sky always blue
Kurt LaVacque Mar 2015
Soaked on the feeling
The longing for something different
From where?
We don't know
From who
We don't know
The difference between there and here
Isn't what is better
But what is right
We have fallen a sleep for far too long
To still be dreaming

We must fight
For our right to be awake
We must fight
For the truth that has been hidden from us
Locked in a safe
The key lost without a trace
Today is not the way
Nor was yesterday
But tomorrow could be
And thats ok

We will see past all the walls that have been constructed
Obstructing the visions of the future
We must stand
We must hold true to who and what we are
We are the creatures of Mother Earth
We are the key to life beyond birth
We can be the savior everyone deserves

We just need a little help
Everything can be right
Everything can be sane
If we all stand together
And walk between the w indow panes
As a single answer
One consciousness
One heart
Infinite love
Now is the time to start

From the very depths of our consciousness
Within these precisely tiled rooms
We live among things
And we dream about doom
"When will the clock say something different?"
I asked, still waiting for the answer
"When will we all realize that time is forever?”

And what we do with the time
Is not
What we do is not important
What we do is irrelevant
If all we are doing is blocking out the light to our eyes
Hoping that one day we will hold our heads high
Above the ashes of our past disaster
Then it does matter what you do

But what do we do?
When only questions exist
What do we do?
When only time is the answer
Can anything change?
Can we change anything?
Is whatever were doing
What we should be doing?
What should we do?

Today children we will climb
We will climb to the highest peaks of our minds
We will let our worries be free
And our desires will be lost at sea
Fold your fears into books leave them on the shelf
Deconstruct the structure we've been told
To a be the truth
It's getting old

Rewrite the stories of the universe
Starting with you
And me
Transcending to a new breath we breathe
Tell them we are strong
Tell them we are brave
Show them we can do anything
The world only tells lies when you do
Fairytales  are only fiction because we say so

Don't let them tell us our dreams are unreachable
Don't let them tell us our goals are unscorable
We will beat them
We will love them
We will conquer the fears left from their mayhem
We already have
And we always will
Let it be your thrill

Live life how its suppose to be
Live life as in the dreams you wish to seek
Let them be
Let it be
Let him be
Let her be
Let the world breathe deep
With lungs filled
Let everyone grow into the mountainous tree
They are meant to be

Let it be known that rules don’t apply
I understand
You are afraid of the secrets that they hide
But don’t be
Don’t let them win
Don’t let them begin again
Shower them with love
Wipe them clean with care
Let them know w e are here
And we are not scared
Kurt LaVacque Mar 2015
All these letters that I write
The length never long enough
The words never strong enough
And the word love
Never said enough
Can I be the sun and you be the moon?
Can I warm you with my radiance?
And you can cool me with your blue
Let's do that soon
Lets run away to dark side of your moon
So no one can find us
But of course
That only happen when the time is just right
I know we can never be together
For the distance between
Isn’t the only thing
I feel so near
Even when you are so far
But the feeling I have
Doesn’t change how we are
It makes me sad when I think of it
You leave me when I rise
And you come when I set
Am I losing my mind?
Can you tuck me in before I go to bed?
Can you wake me before its time
So I can love you for one more second
So we can live for one more rhyme
Im dying my love
When will be our time?
Kurt LaVacque Jan 2015
To be is,
Not needing to explain yourself to others
Your actions are enough for the blissfully confused
To be is,
Drawing a picture not of something or a place you know
But a place you wish to be and go
To be is,
Selling all of your cloths to a second hand store
Not to buy more
But To live more
To be is,
Running because you want to
Not because you feel the social obligation to
To be is,
Climbing a tree because you want to see
To be is,
Falling down because you want to feel
To be is,
Speaking because you have something to say
To be is,
Breathing because we have no other way
Kurt LaVacque Dec 2014
Everyone is here
Every step of the way
Every single motion
Can be seen through two eyes

Not sold
Not heard
And not seen
We can

Be something
Be one thing
Be happy
Make money

So we can
So we have
So we feel
Don't let them

Everyone is here
Every ONE is here
Every step of the way
Can be clear
Every single motion
Towards the next destination
Can be seen through two eyes
Not covered by our hands

Not sold
For the best price on demand
Not heard
Through bullet proof glass,
And not seen
Through water when it makes a splash
We can
Be anything

Be something
Your good at
Be one thing
Your ok with
Be happy
Live simply
Make money
Sacrifice is necessary  

So we can
Work for 50% of our lives
So we have
A house to watch our shows especially every night
So we feel
Safe because it's quite
Don't let them
Be defiant
Kurt LaVacque Nov 2014
Jenny, when I'm with
The twists and turns feel almost as if
Rainbows and butterflies can kiss
Take whatever love they can
And turn it into a plan
Jenny when you're away
The sky's are little grayer
My laughs are a little softer
And my love for you is a little stronger
For you make it easy to be a lover
Kurt LaVacque Nov 2014
Until the moon tips over
Spilling sober off the cliffs her mind
Bringing back what was thought of as the dilation of time
Subtle her face doesn't change
But traces the faint image of quite the opposite of pain
She seems to fly more than usual
Even the clouds can't hold her from being the fluttering bird she was born to be
From the tips of her toes to the tops of the trees
Jenny is love
She is my everything
Kurt LaVacque Oct 2014
I write letters to the ones that matter
To the ones that care
Even passing on a flight of stairs
I look
She looks
Our lives could be words in a story book
I read her face
She reads mine
A poet wouldn’t believe how much we rhyme
I hold her
She holds me
I wonder if this is all dream
Each page of mine intwined in hers
As we fall asleep until our yet to be written verse
Kurt LaVacque Oct 2014
My love
I have but only
2 hands to feel the softness of your skin
2 eyes to see your smile as we grin
1 nose to smell the coconut in your hair
1 mouth to smile back when we stare
2 feet to walk to ends of earth with you
1 heart that can't break, because it doesn't want too
My love
I have so many parts to love you with
For soon we will blast off and begin our forever trip
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