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The Forgotten Apr 28
Three AM
When the eyes can close
But the minds don't shut
They say penguins can't fly
But they do
In her world, where we lived on clouds
Magic and Superpowers
Where people were real
And not.
The dark haired boy whose named she couldn't fix,
And light haired Liz, with her tall brother Will.
Sleeping in caves, hunger games style
Skipping through stories, shifting through worlds
Safe spaces,
Born within the mind
Distort reality when it hurts
'Escape realms'
Worlds change from fantasies to dreams
To insecurities, hatred and pain
But the ceiling remains the same
And plain.
The Forgotten Jan 2019
Your long hair streaked with white
Sun shimmering it to silvers
Once soft slender hands now withered
Yet when you smile,
Years passed come running back.
I hold your hand
Promising to never let go.
Your daughter's eyes glistened
When you called her mom.
Moments slowly ebbing out of your mind's reach
When did it start slipping away?

The moon falling on your soft skin
As the water played the rhythm
Lying in my arms,
naming constellations,
You said
"Into the stars we melt"
I smiled and stroked your hair
But darling,
You don't remember
Not even the feel of my name on your lips
Your wrinkled hands still fit into mine
So perfectly
The dark circles holding up your eyes
Glowing within them
Struggling to grasp,
the remaining shards of fading tales
Almost completely forgotten;
Clinging to the dying memories.
The Forgotten Jul 2018
On cement
You lie
Edges still raw
Left alone
Once treasured
Now abandoned
Oh how you adorned those long fingers
With painted nails
Your silver encircling her pride
Yet time had strained your vivacity
And had broken your frame
You stayed
Among those anxious feet
Waiting for those long familiar fingers
Only to be picked up by strangers
Then thrown away
For a broken ring, like a broken person, was of no use to them.
The Forgotten Oct 2017
Deep within your eyes ,
Awaits the universe.
The Forgotten Jun 2017
Her soul's poetry
Written  in deep dark ink,
Gushing through her veins
Etched across her bones
A tale untold

The world rebounds on touching her surface
Nothing ever leaves a mark
Or atleast
That is what she makes believe

Breathing life ,
She walks into the crowded room
Hidden behind her jokes and laughter.
Comedy weaving up the tragedy .
Humour , the only link to her sanity.
She breathes
Broken,  unnoticed.

The world brushes past her touch
Oblivoius to the struggle.
Her mind, toxic to her soul
Her skin, her veil.

Yet, her pillows talk of red swollen eyes
And endless nights
Gazing at the moon
Half hidden beneath the clouds
Reflecting light
To cloak the darkness seeping within .

She draws her blinders shut
While her guitar weeps her wounds
The cadence of misery
Into the world of rhythm, she slips.

When shall the masquerade end ?

She walks away
Into the fog
On her own

Brick after brick
A fortress she built
And locked within her own incarceration,
Short haired rapunzul
Afraid to let the knight reach within .
vows of saviours, never heed.

Her facade, flawless
Yet not deceiving those little eyes
Searching for the truth beneath the illusion.
Decrypting the inscrutable dissimulation.

To those pair of eyes,
Slowly fading into oblivion
Lost within it's own ceaseless blue
Seeking for the line between the black and grey.
Her voice , liberating .
Finding its way within the chaos,
Giving life to a long forgotten voice
which whispers,
"Take off the masque, You're beautiful. "
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