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Caage Gaber Jun 2023
I fully hate you.
No questions to my detest.
Why am I here though?
My determination. I hate some qualities and that makes me believe I hate the person that personifies those qualities. Why though do I end up around said people?
Ira Sosa May 2022
See, C sea.
See the sea through the eyes of C.
C the great,
Sea’s first mate,
See the seas C,
The sea of me and C.

C sea, see.
C is a sea of see.
Seeing a sea is quite the treat,
Seeing C is also so sweet,
So if C sees the sea,
Will she ever see me?

C, see sea?
C is my sea to see.
The sea to C just can’t compare,
For C to sea is just too unfair,
For when I look at C,
She’s all I care to see.
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