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Sindi May 2021
The tiny boy looked at the tiny tree
And it was big
The tiny tree looked at a tiny building
And it was huge
Tiny building looked at the tiny ocean
And it was large
The tiny ocean looked at the tiny space
And it was gigantic
The tiny earth looked at the tiny universe
And said it was enormous
© Sindi Kalumba
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
A soul so precious it's aura gold
Yet stained with sadness untold
In life's waves is tossed
Still keeps good spirits
Despite all he has lost

He is rain on a hot summer day
Heart beating underneath shades of grey
Band-aid to cushion wounds no one else seemed to see
Healed with one kiss from him effortlessly

But now he wears armor over his own skin
Preventing new love from seeping in
And I don't think I can break through to his soul
Without ripping a gigantic unmendable hole
I want to see what's inside
Purcy Flaherty Oct 2018
We embarked upon a titanic voyage to a new world.
It’s said that behind every great man there's a great woman; But a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
7 bells rang late that night, as our ship stuck fast; between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Fingers frantic! tapping code, as land lubbers row hard, pulling for freedom.

Sailors quickly battened down the hatches and stowed away the Riff-raff, for they knew fine words would butter no parsnips, Better here than there in 3 class.
Some fiddlers on the deck played “Nearer My God to Thee", As the bubbles rose from beneath the sea, come buckle down boys for the devils to pay, come hell or high water he’ll have his pay.
Mothers row, lubbers row, it's time to leave this god forsaken place.
Ten steel decks split and snap, as they join the *****, and hundreds either shriek or pray; as La dolce vita slowly ebbed away.
Mercifully the cacophony descends ever silent, as fifteen hundred souls become neither fish nor flesh, rotting from the head down.
Save our souls •••- - - •••
Bless all those souls lost at sea!
Men shielded their eyes from her effulgence,
Heat rippling across the valley
Cascading into cool mists -
That was how the tempest began.
Each naive stride and stroke
Raking chain reactions through the fields,
Winds picking up speed
She began to dance.
That was when she noticed the chill.
Her arms opened wide to beckon her sisters,
The sea,
And they ran to her,
Changing her,
Lending her
Their powerful wings.
Cyclopsian, she rose above,
First drizzles, then droves, and deluge.
Shiver, shiver, shake,
Drops sprayed and furled
Across the innocent
Wreaking havoc
From moon to covered moon
Until she'd spent it all.
Heat, chill, water, light, wind,
All gone.
To trudge up the mountain
Searching for radiance once more.
Inktober prompt: Gigantic
Rules: Whatever comes out of the pen is the poem. No editing allowed.
Stanley Wilkin Jul 2016
The surging water threw strange shapes,
Waiting crows with stabbing beaks
In the sky and in the drowned souls,
Festering in the swell.
The huge irrepressible waves
Spread wings flattening houses with a single downward swipe.
It was a sudden death,
They died screaming-avidly watched by millions nestling before TV sets
Unmoved if sympathetic.
They had watched enough CGI
Not to be bothered by such drama.

The girl quietly combed her hair,
Bitter black in the lamplight,
Watching the snarling fox shoot from its lair
Slathering with fright.
As she lifted her arm again
The salt spray struck her, flattening her face
The wave soothed where her smile had been
Her limbs acquiring a greater grace.

It ****** in cars and houses, gulping down
The unresistant landscape with unforgiving speed,
Turning the living green into regurgitated brown
Digesting  the landscape with ******* greed
It drew her little body back into the equalising sea
Just another bit of debris.
Park Jongwon Jan 2015
The gigantic sphere
in somewhere we don't know
resting on the throne of
the Sun

The gigantic sphere
up in the east sky
rising slowly like
a man climbing up
the Everest

The gigantic sphere
up in the west sky
falling slowly like
a snail climbing down
the Everest

The Sun is slow
but we feels fast

Why so fast while so slow?

'Cause you are having Fun!

— The End —