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A tip of the cap to my good friend, Homer.
Will the Jenga House collapse
If we remove the Judicial block?
Will the foundation hold the roof
If we remove the Legislative block?
Remove the Executive block(head),
Place it in the bunker, for reference,
And let the House rise up.
Rise up!
The White House is an inverse reflection
Of the matter/anti-matter chamber:
It's Not, The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
No. It's, The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.
What matters matters.
Trekkies will get the full allusion.
Francie Lynch Nov 2019
Charles didn't heed the Puritans
He was God's appointed,
Anointed and empowered.
He tumbled from above,
Down through the law,
Lost his head.

Nicholas was placed in the basement crypt,
A cult-like condemnation;
So they stood him against the wall,
He listed to his Monk,
His reasoning debunked,
So they shot the anointed one
On his golden throne.

Benito was above the law,
High on meat hooks.
Could we dare to look?

If you were lucky,
If you were tied to a stake,
And the ******* ignited,
Someone dear would tie a bag
Of gunpowder around your neck.
Why let the crows pick out his eyes,
Make golden nests from his hair.
End the torture. Pull the life-line.
Sever the head from the body politic.
It is the righteous thing to do;
It is the civil thing to do
In pensive state.
Rise up from your ashes.
It is the kindest cut of all.
Francie Lynch Oct 2019
There's a Revolution coming,
The boots are on the streets;
It's calling from the graves,
We're stirring from our sleep.
There's a hunger in the eyes;
The troops are on their feet.
The revolutions's coming
And the enemy's in retreat.

The mob appeal
Is running lights,
Towered minions
Join the fight
To rein in one percent
From their ***** heights.
Desks in towers,
Facades of power,
Will tumble to defeat.
The gravity of greed
Will drag them through the streets.

The bell at four
Will sound no more;
The chorus chants
For a holy war,
For salvation,
Then, for some more.

There's a revolution
On the way,
We'll re-write the laws,
We'll line up the Romanovs,
And shake down all the Shahs.
There's a revolution coming
And it's coming
With just cause.
Julia Aug 2017
Everyday drooling drones awaken
To a nation overtaken
By souls in stupor so mistaken
That the universe in space has shaken.

Dripping in sulfurous stench
Emerging men and women clench
Their nails into the typed trench
Climbing with the worded wrench.

Swirls of sullied slime and snot
Drooping down from Tyrant's lot
Unfurl as if we all forgot
Our Fathers' flames under the ***.

While high at an ungodly seat
Tyrant twitches from his feat.
Below the witches herd the heat
Into the house of white discrete.

Unmask the mighty majesty,
His hideous atrocity.
Yank yank, courageous cavalry,
For rebirth of humanity!
¡Sí se puede! ✊

— The End —