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Dani Jan 2019
A land only nature has touched
A lion to its prey, clutched
Before that though
The Lion crept up real slow
Crouched down real low
He puts on a good show
Creeping and crawling
Absolutely stalking
His ***** orange coloring
Unseen by a prey so alluring
His big tufted paws are like a quiet breeze
Unheard by a prey totally at ease
His eyes focus, like a morning lotus
Finding the sun with such slowness
Silently stalking towards prey, not yet ferocious
A gleaming meaty meal ready to devour
Just another moment and little prey will cower
First a pounce with claws drawn out
Then a bite and a shake, making the prey shout
Now a *****!
Chewing prey up before its deceased
Drug across the land only nature has touched
A lion has won it’s hunt, quiet now, be hushed
Can you hear nature sing, the way she does
With violence and beauty no matter if lion or cheetahs
Now humans are different! Or is it really so?
The desire the same as a beasts hunt, reaping what we sow
A need to ***** and overpower
A craving to devour
devouring our lust driven, instinctual driven desires...
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
I am a CEO of a big company,
There I am a ferocious ,powerful and majestic lion,
With distinct prowess of leadership and charisma.
At home my wife the lioness sits on me,
A nimble hunteress
Stalks me with flawless patience,
Waiting to pounce on my slightest error.
I am reduced to a timid mouse.
I compromise on everything,
Not because she is right and I am wrong,
I prefer peace to maintaining my ego.
EG Jul 2015
If there's one thing about me is that I don't take no ****,
I rather break my own heart and cut it into bits
If you doubt me for a moment and think I won't disown this,
I will cut you out my life like the things I truly despise
So please be careful because my love is explosive,
Its something just far too ferocious...
Taylor Moore Nov 2014
When the moon takes cloak
in an orange robe

I rise up from the ashes
Paint my claws
and sharpen my teeth

When the moon takes cloak
I’ll begin my hunt
g Sep 2014
she loved the rain
the splitter splatter sound
every drop makes
were music to her ears

she loved the thunder
the ferocity of its roar
gave her the strength
to hold on for awhile more

she loved the lightning
the beauty of each stroke
containing the lethal power to hurt and ****
yet remain in inexplicable beauty

in short she loved thunderstorms
a mixture of rain thunder and lightning
just like her inner conflict of thoughts
and emotional turmoil

she compared herself to thunderstorms
not that she was a beauty
but she believed that
it depicted the words she wanted to say

she loved them so much
she chose to die on the day
there was a thunderstorm outside
pouring out things she never said.
exams tomorrow ****

— The End —