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Grace Jan 26
I wish I had the words to say to make it go away
Rinse it down the drain
Wash away in the rain
Float off with the clouds
I can see it now
You look in the mirror
But keep staring at the ground
The girl in the red dress
Oh God, who is she now?
Why is she not here when I need her most?
The one in the red dress
I need her ghost

Standing in the mirror
But staring at the ground
She’s still here
She is changed now

Standing in the mirror
Rip open the closet
There it is
Red so solid, so pure
Like ruby jewels
Won in a duel
by the treasure connoisseur

Red like rose

The dress
Pristine like the day she wore it

I wish I had the words to say to make it go away
Rain, wash it all away

Large dewy teardrops
Fall heavy
From the sky
Settle on the ground
I frown

You look in the mirror
But keep staring at the ground
You can see only yourself now
Why do you frown?

lift your head up
I am here
with you now

The girl in the red dress
The best of me
I must confess
Change is hard, but we are never stagnant. To freeze a moment in time, isn't that our dying wish?
JasFow Aug 2020
There's something 'bout Halloween
That lights a part of my heart
Usually feeling dormant and chilled
Warms a few degrees above
The falling temperature outside
An Autumn fog comes and fills my mind
Early in the morning when I wake
Its the only time of the year
That I remember being happier
Throughout my childhood
Somehow we always had enough to dress up
Wear socks with holes
With poking toes in too small shoes
Running as fast as my faltering lungs could take me
Door by door on the least scary night
At least for me
For my greatest fears, I faced everyday
In my own home where I feared closing my eyes
I go back, "Trick or Treat", I'd repeat
Knowing anything I'm handed is a treat in itself
Never wanting to go back to the darkest house
Even once all light posts turned off
It's still my favorite
Halloween will always be important to me.
Reappak Apr 2020
Oh yes! Alone it may seem
The shining bead, iced in cream
But it has many to talk
On it, the tinkerbells walk
And then they make its braid
And dress it like the bridesmaid
Although it may not be the bride
But it is yet happy and dressed, all in white😉
John H Dillinger Feb 2020
He slips on a dress,
looks in the mirror
to see the material clinging
to his contours
and embraces all the possibilities
that come to him.

The power is palpable
to this side no one sees -
himself - released,
exuding the best parts
of his character

Ready for an unready world.
The power to become yourself is sometimes hard, but worth it. Sorry if you don't understand but try wearing a dress someday.
Cat Fiske Jul 2015
I got to say these things that were eating away at my soul like the birds,
Birds that happen to look a whole lot like crows,
who only ever go after the dead decaying prays,
because when it's dead, it's easiest to ****** away.

But I spoke line after line like the little white lines that lie in long lines,
on the highways where the dead bodies have been laid out to dry,
I was not going to give into your games let alone cry,
but if I must shed some tears to tell all the fears you have put on me,
then my eye will bleed red,
and never dry out,

And for me to pour my heart out onto you,
is as evil as the crow you are,
while you plot where you're going to pick me apart first when I finish,
but like the crows and the dead carcase I am,
we all have rights,
but like the bandages that can't stick around to fix my wounds,

im sorry,
A thing I've been more often than sometimes,
so its hard to fill in the bubbles of how someone hurts,
when the scales seem to add up in the favor of the other hand.

But that still gives me no right to act and do the things you do,
and play dress up in rooten old skin,

like you have set the example for me,
to lie to those who stared death in the face and went on as before,
but before they were nothing and after there still wasn't something,
and you checked the boxes under the bubbles.
securing they would be fine.

when in reality they were fine like you said,

if you compared their mental status to that of yours.
who let someone roam around like a dead corps.
as the crows above circled and waited,
waiting for the innocence of an infant to mess up.
so they could finally strike.

I get it's only human nature,
Just like the circle of life,
*But why do people have to keep neglecting children,
until those vultures finally strike.
I've tried to write this for the longest time ever. I finally did. Its about how adults have treated me. when I begged them, to see the things wrong with me.
AmberLynne Jul 2014
You call me your princess,
     but I'm not worthy of a title
     filled with such nobility.
I'm far from regal, you see,
     and I wish you wouldn't give
     me so much to live up to.
For I'm destined only to disappoint
     when you hold hopes so high.
I'm nothing more than a child
     playing dress-up
     in her grandmother's old clothes,
     pretending to be royalty.
What you think you see,
     is nothing more
     than make-believe

— The End —