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Ivyanna Jan 15
It's in that woman's smile
It's in that child's laughter
It's in that man's gentle word
It's in that dog's jolly run
It's in that sound of beggar's accordion
It's in that street singer's voice
It's in that baby's sky blue eyes
It's in the touch of your hand
It's in the honest "thank you"
and in the sincere "please"

- that's where I find hope,
  that's where I find peace
Ivyanna Jan 7
I wish for him to smile
     so those handsome wrinkles will grace his face
     so his eyes would shine again - not bruised by pain
     so his lips would curve in that nice way
     so I know he's happy - at least for a second, please!

Cause every pain he feels - is my own disease...
Ivyanna Jan 6
His eyes reminded me of sunshine
they warmed up my body delightfully
his one glance - and I felt divine
worshipped like a goddess, truly

— The End —