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Ivyanna Jun 2
There were times
her heart ached so
she thought
she's crumbling to pieces
like a broken glass
made of pain and despair

Falling through the darkness

She wanted to cry
but no tears ever came
Should one even try
to play a lost game?

She wanted to scream
but only whisper echoed
Worse than a bad dream
a pilgrim on a ******* road
Ivyanna May 13
I wanted to do what was right
to seek the sea for my vessel
alas - it's nowhere in sight!

I am a lighthouse in a desert.
Ivyanna Apr 30
To write poetry is to
tear your soul
in small pieces
and stick them down
on a piece of paper
in a wave
of overcoming power
Ivyanna Apr 27
You're like nothing I've ever seen
You're like no one I've ever met
You make me question what has been
You make me want all I can get


You're the midnight's sun
You're the river's fire
You're the only one
You're what I desire
Ivyanna Jan 9
There were times
when I heard his voice
in my dreams
calling me -
calling my name -
calling me home

but people told me
not to believe
the things
happening in dreams
and so I stayed

and home far away
Ivyanna Jan 2019
It's in that woman's smile
It's in that child's laughter
It's in that man's gentle word
It's in that dog's jolly run
It's in that sound of beggar's accordion
It's in that street singer's voice
It's in that baby's sky blue eyes
It's in the touch of your hand
It's in the honest "thank you"
and in the sincere "please"

- that's where I find hope,
  that's where I find peace
Ivyanna Jan 2019
I wish for him to smile
     so those handsome wrinkles will grace his face
     so his eyes would shine again - not bruised by pain
     so his lips would curve in that nice way
     so I know he's happy - at least for a second, please!

Cause every pain he feels - is my own disease...
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