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Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
Petit Oiseau, you told a joke,
You laughed and laughed
And the branch it broke
You fell from the nest
And bumped your head
And a funny frog thought you were dead!
He croaked a low mourning dirge all night,
until you woke
the next morn' at 3,
And Mama Oiseau
put you back in the tree!
Next time you laugh,
make sure you're steady
and that the branch you're on is ready!
You'll live to live to laugh another day
Petit Oiseau don't fall today!
Richard B Shick Jun 2018
Sitting here
in meditation.

wondering about
my own  identification.

Dreaming  about
my summer vacation.

Reminiscing about
a past infatuation.

Do we need  
outer space exploration.

We thank the Armed Forces
for their dedication.

And seem to forget
the needy in desperation.

We need to help our own
show some dedication.

Or at least help them
change their life situation.

I know you can see
their frustration.

As billions go
to other nations.

Bet yet we forget our own

As I sit here
and continue in meditation.

I take myself
to a higher elevation.

But that's
your interpretation.
Only from
your observation.

As our children are suffering
from starvation.

There shouldn't be
any complication.

And yet so
many denominations.

we shouldn't put
any limitations.

from a country of
so much innovation.

But why does our government
seek world *******.

But yet they forget their own

We only see
their chosen presentations.

They show us only
certain altercations.

Then media  thrives
on all the accusations.

Why  all we read about
is their incarcerations.

Which cause
hate and assassinations.

From all there exaggerations.

Which causes
uncivilized demonstrations.

All the breakdown
in communications.

And the medias
absurd manipulations.

That tries to keep divided
our great civilization.

But when it really matters
there is great hesitation.

But yet we forget our own

In the book it says
lead us not into temptation.

But they create
such a fascination.

And push
our very own  expectations.

With there
sneaky modifications.

Of certain
well know corporations.

And provide
certain gratifications.

Without everyone's

Or passing
the right legislation.

We our their

But yet get no

Which goes back
many generations.

But yet we forget our own

We have forgotten
our own foundation

That love
is what made creation.

And its disappeared
from our population.

All we see is
hate and annihilation.

But they don't show us
the right information.

The kind with
pure human consideration.

The kind
which causes admiration.

With out the feeling
of obligation.

Its time to begin
a new celebration.

And stop
all the hate and separation.

And show all love
with true aspirations.


Written By Richard B Shick
Lou Apr 2018
Every child broken into a crayon box colours the same.

Jimmy and Bill would know.

The Knight time radio.
Their Daytime TV.

Technology gave us colour in our boxes for entertainment
And Two turn tables to scratch out the screaming.

55 inches in HD wasn't big enough to scribble on

Perfect reception but no one listened to the colours snap.

No one bothered to question why the paper is off the crayon.

I think of all those lost crayolas
being used for shadowing.

A cover inside a cover,
where pages should be in a book.

And here we are,
still drawing in black and white.
*** slavery in the elites is beyond real. Time to start adding light to our drawings.
sunprincess Mar 2018
What has this world come to,
Grown men are hurting children


Turning children into Zombies,
and scaring them so bad

They say nothing to their mommies
If you're a mommy with a young child
please let your child know
"It's okay to tell mommy anything"
KA Apr 2014
In this world and others....

Blending in and out
you and then there is me.

I float and you shine,
your words are of song.

You are the sun.
I'm of dirt where growth spurts.

With you, all is possible my baby,
push and pull,
yell and throw.
love and tangle.

Swinging the children
as you dance
and I watch you glitter.

KT April 18, 2014

— The End —