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Richard B Shick Nov 2018
As I sit And listen
I hear not a sound,
Everything is silent
Loneliness sets in.

A lost soul
Searching for a
Place in life,
Yet Pain Echoes  from within.

Many thoughts
Trapped inside
My head
Needing to get out.

No one To turn to
Falling deeper
And deeper .
Wanting to shout

But knowing
No one is there
To hear your cry
For help.

Searching for
Joy and happiness
Feelings needed
To be felt.

Losing your
Purpose in life
Darkness sets in,
Blinding your path.

Asking yourself
For answers
Echoing voices inside
Feeling their wrath.

Staring at all
Your scars
From a soul
Trying to escape.

Everything is
Falling apart
Trying to avoid
The red tape.

Yet sometimes
It’s needed
To become
More  humble.

Never give up
In your darkest
We all shall stumble.


Written By
Richard B Shick
Richard B Shick Oct 2018
Waves pounding furiously
Trying to destroy a paper boat

Conquering the might ocean
As it continues to stay afloat.

Size never matters,
in anything we do

Just bring the fight from within
Always being you.

Even though we may struggle
In the fierce oceans every day.

Just remember that little boat ,
Always found a way.

To conquer the challenges
Placed in his path.

Defeating what  others couldn't
The oceans might wrath.


Richard B Shick Oct 2018
Loving thy self
even when it's just me,

I  embrace my ability to be happy alone.

Only to be captive to my thoughts that i barely control,

My thoughts usually unspoken  become emotional poems,

Built upon emotions
that i have trying to escape my soul.

breaking through the cracks of my weary  mind.

Yet I seem to forget,
that I  am still  
bound by my demons
that are in control.

Hidden inside
trying to control
what little I have left.

Not to be free
until I accept my past
And learn to be in control.

Sometimes feeling trapped
Iike I'm left alone
with my demons.
Only to be victorious because,

like it's my last day on Earth.

with all my heart.
And always

For a better


Written By
Richard B Shick Oct 2018
Her beauty sets a fire to all it touches,
Not leaving behind her soul.

A soul so great it out shines her BEAUTY,
As she radiates her BEAUTY from within.

Sacrificing everything to prove she is worthy
Worthy of her own success.

A success self built on her own shoulders
Carrying the weight of  many trying to break her.

An unbreakable soul that continues to push,
Pushing forward against all those doubting her ability

A strong woman built with kindness yet resilient,
To all those that stand in her way.

She may be strong
but yet weak,
but yet still focused.
Knows who she is
Yet fulfilling what she  desires…..


Written by
This is for you Cici
Richard B Shick Oct 2018
I’ve seen you at a glance before,
Not recognizing  it was you.

From a distance I saw a customer,
It isn’t something new.

Then you came in and saw me,
Taking a second look.

Hey there bartender who is that,
I think he is a cook.

Yes you thought you knew  me,
And asked to make sure who I was.

As I came around the corner,
I knew exactly who
Just because.

Your beauty is irreplaceable,
A perfect  smile upon your face.

Eyes more beautiful than Saturn
Beauty deeper than outer space.

As I started to get a little closer,
I became happy as a kid.

I haven’t seen you in forever,
Happy I finally did.

I could talk to you forever
But you needed to eat your lunch.

Happy I got to see you.
A feeling I enjoyed so much.

Thank you for your time,
Glad we got to speak.

Look forward to Seeing more of you,
Each and every week.
Richard B Shick Sep 2018
Hey there little brother
I will always love you.

I'll will walk at your side
No matter what it is you do.

I’m not gonna preach
Not going to shed my mind.

I’ll always stand  next to you,
You’ll Never  be left behind.

Just know that I know
And I will never judge

Always loving you
Never ever  holding a grudge.

If you need me I am here
To protect you from fears.

I will always look out for you
Doesn’t matter how many years.

When you are ready for help
Just please let me know.

I’ll still be walking beside you
I’ll never let you go.


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