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Aa Harvey Sep 2018
Be true to yourself

If your poetry is true to yourself,
Then you do not need to worry about anyone else.  
They will have their opinion.  They are entitled to that;
But they can never take away from you, the feelings that you have.

They are yours and yours alone,
But sometimes others may have them too.
Share your thoughts with the rest of the world
And you might make a connection, where you never expected to.

Be real in the words that you choose to use,
But rule nothing out; the world is your oyster.
Do what you believe is the right thing to do;
I chose to start writing poetry
And I am trying hard to not become a babbler.

Words are not perfectly set in stone;
Language moves forward, it evolves, so say what you want.
Some will hate the fact you use the language of phones;
But others will say *** is wrong with that?  ***.

Realism is a thing we should all strive for;
Speak the truth in metaphors.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
forestfaith Jul 2018
as if in(              )different stages, i act.
my costumes ready.
it sat quietly by the curtains.
i changed quickly.
from costume to costume.
i dont really know which one is real.
could have won an Oscar, for best acting and film,
directing the film-------co-directing the film.
i wasn't meant to be the one handling my (         )stages.
I wasn't meant to have so many.
i continue changing, stopping to realise i lost something, half between stage to stage i delay.
i felt it coming.
my feelings reaching out.
telling me real in this next act.
be real yall. I literally have different personas at any particular environment and that, to me, isnt really com had some problems, some is in italics i dont know why haha anyways, God bless yall. (fill in the blanks yall haha)
Graham Nov 2017
"Don't look at me like that"
Thin or Fat
Why should you get to body shame me?
So as to get fame
And feel like u've conquered someone who wasn't armed..
Am human just like you, with legs & arms
But you don't get to see that
You see only what you wanna see
The flaws that makes you tick
Don't look at me that way
Yeah those are my scars now
Made by your claws
They clawed deep into my inner being
Leaving a scar too deep to be seen
With a sword depression battles in
I yield
Am like a broken glass now
Too shattered to feel whole
All because you looked at me that way
No one is perfect
But we are close to perfection in our own way...
Am awake now
No more in the nightmare you built me
Don't look at me like that
For I am beautiful.
Be real, Be original.... Don't just stare with
your killer eyes
Jennifer Weiss Jan 2016
Not everything I dreamed,
has come true.
Not every lie I believed
has gone as fast as you.
But the way you lingered in my heart,
took a little longer to remove.
It took adjusting my expectations to your new part,
learning to live apart from the rouse.
Mark Lecuona Oct 2015
Yes, it's the way you look
I hope you are as different as your eyes
But don't look at me like that
Unless your voice speaks without disguise
PeatrJay Aug 2015
It's incredibly trusting.
In a way, fearless.

Sometimes to the point of being impulsive.

The test to humanity as a whole is not to take advantage of such an attribute.

Folks may be naive but stepping on them for it is arrogant, ignorant and selfish.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned when naivety is a factor is acknowledging that more is to be gained for a society as a whole when its members spread the wealth and teach one another with compassion and patience when some know more than others.
being an *** to someone because "it'll toughen them up for when the next guy tries to ***** with them" is a self perpetuating farce. Developed by the egos of self important goons.
Mark Lecuona Jul 2015
What if I thought things that would shock you?
What if I wanted to do things you never thought of?
Could I tell you?
What if you thought things that would shock me?
What if you wanted to do things I never thought of?
Could you tell me?
Will we ever know?
What if we spent our whole life thinking past each other?
What if a smile was really a frown?
What if a frown was really a smile?
Go ahead
Be yourself
I’m not afraid of you
Don’t be afraid of me
Don’t play a part
Play your life
If you are someone else
Then be someone else
I’m ready to be who I am
Can we be different?
Can we still be together?
Don’t say what if
Don’t say I wish
Just be what if
Just be I wish
I’m one inch from your face
Am I making you uncomfortable?
Then do something about it
I just want to know
Are you an actor?
If you want to dream
Then dream
If you want to cry
Then cry
If you want me
Then come get me
jakwoby Mar 2015

Is it saying the wrong word?
Is it the tone of which you address someone?
How can we have courage in society if we can be oppressed by a mere mispronunciation?
Why does the way one introduces things affect the end result?
Who stands up for those who speak their mind?
Society preaches to stand up for what you believe while they tell you how to stand and present yourself in the process
Creativity is defeated
Uniformity of proper approaches destroys over achievers
Doing things different is thought of as wrong
If everyone is doing the same things to get to the same places
Imagine where one could end up by doing things differently
Open your mind
Try in everything you do, be good, be sincere
but never do things because how everyone else does it
or because its how its suppose to be done
Be real and yourself
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